NINJA-Behind the Mask! How Ashida Kim Learned Ninjitsu

"When I was approached about doing this project, I hesitated. Not sure that I wanted these stories told."

Ashida Kim

These tales of high adventure were related to various students over the fifty some years Ashida Kim has been training and practicing Ninjitsu, the Silent Way of feudal Japanese spies and assassins.

*How he was chosen at an early age to learn this Art.

*The lessons and teachers he found along the Way.

*The tests and initiation into clandestine societies.

*The secrets of how to kill and restore to life; how to fight like ten tigers or vanish in a puff of smoke.

"They come from the nowhere and go to the no-place. Looked for cannot be seen, listened for cannot be heard, felt for cannot be touched." They are the ghost-soldiers, the shadow warriors who operate unseen, unknown, playing the Great Game of Life.

This biography, as dictated and compiled by Three Initiates includes:

*The Early Years-Army School, Judo, Bullies

*Shotokan Karate-Do and How Ashida Kim got his Name

*Kata Dante-Dance of the Deadly Hands-Savage and Terrifying Self Defense

*The 1968 Democratic Convention; Count Dante and the Black Dragon Fighting Society

*Military Service-Killer Commando Sentry Removal by Blade and Garrote

*Ninja Magic-The Cloak and Dagger of Invisibility; How To Fight or Disappear

*Ninja Mind Control-The School of Self-Knowledge and Kuji Kiri

*Mugei Mumei no Jitsu-The Only Non-Violent Martial Art Known to Man

Now it can be told...The Cloak of Secrecy is Drawn, the Veil of Mystery is Lifted...

200 pages; photos and illustrations; softcover $29.95 + $7 Priority Postage

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