Monkey Steals A Peach

"When you got 'em by the balls, their hearts and their minds will follow..."

G. Gordon Liddy

Ashida Kim-The NINJA of peace who can fight like ten tigers...or vanish into thin air...

          Ashida Kim became a member of the Black Dragon Fighting Society by learning Count Dante's Dance of Death in a closed Dojo at a secret training session in 1968 while protesting at the Democratic National Convention. Meeting Count Dante was a pivotal moment in his martial arts career. Membership in this most ancient and honorable fraternity enabled him to learn Ninjitsu, not a martial art at all, but a field of study that encompasses fistic and grappling arts, weapons, strategy and tactics, self-defense, but most of all healing and knowledge. He has taught Kata Dante, the Dance of the Deadly Hands, all over the world to continue the tradition of this fellowship and developed with the other masters a system of Qi Gong Exercises based on the ancient secrets of Dim Mak for good health and longevity.

          One of the techniques in Kata Dante is called Monkey Steals A Peach. It is a typically poetic Chinese name for a devastating method of striking the opponent in the groin to kill, cripple or maim him. The name implies the action of swinging the hand, palm up, between his legs to strike the testicles.

          Many years ago on the West Coast, a small garage band found this technique to be amusing and so named their group after it. So popular did they become that soon they were asked to help develop the well known video game Guitar Hero.

          This poster is a facsimile of one of their early appearances.

          Not only does Master Kim not find this use of his copyrighted techniques offensive, in fact, he congratulates the band on their great success and wishes them good luck in all their future endeavors. Because, just seeing this technique is a way of empowering people with the skills necessary for self-defense. And, that is always a good thing.

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