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          The International Fighting Arts Association/Official Black Dragon Fighting Society is a “FRATERNAL ORDER” representative of the blending of martial art culture and legacy.

          The IFAA membership represents a circle of influence composed of intersecting yet diverse martial art cultures, lineages and legacies. The oak leaf cluster as once worn by leaders of the ancient world and champions, represents honoring leadership and the legacy of competing in no-holds-barred martial art competition that can be traced all the way back to the first Olympics.

          The centerpiece dragon symbolizes not just one being acknowledged as being amongst the “best of the best” tested by battle or in Kumite (as one must be invited to join) but also represents the unified and international commitment to oppose and fight evil, the symbolic black dragon which symbolizes a lack of humility, elitism and indifference to the weak and poor; from which the fraternal order gets its name Official Black Dragon Fighting Society – members proclaim to fight the black dragon inclinations in oneself and others.

          What is expected of a member of the Official Black Dragon Fighting Society is one officially is committed to battle the evil “black dragon” within oneself as well as without, through camaraderie “one for all and all for one.” Membership in this fraternal order means everyone is publicly declaring they are part of a family in which martial art rank and traditions are respected and protocol shown, but is not the end goal.

          The Black Dragon Fighting Society is not a secret society but, it is a society with secrets. We would share them with you. But, you must be worthy.


          The symbolism of the dragon, its name and origins are multi-cultural as well as thousands of years old. In the western culture the dragon symbolizes evil and has to be fought while contrarily the eastern culture’s dragon has its roots in the Chinese mythology; was said to live in the skies and had the ability to bring rain to an agricultural society. Notwithstanding, in terms of Asian martial arts the meaning of a Dragon is, generally, defined and used by the IFAA Official BDFS as follows:

* Internal Body of the Dragon-

A Family Within The Vital and Major Force in Life.

The Sea, the Breath of Life, the Tradition, and the Family.

* Dragon's Lower Legs-Parents

The Head of and the Strength of the Family.

The Mother and the Father Hold and Mold the Family together.

To walk around the world to share with the Family the Creation of Mankind.

The roots of the Family.

* Dragon's Upper Legs-Children

The child that is part of the children that will reach out to others.

The youngest, the young and the new.

The one that will standout.

The one who is mischievous and a rascal.

* The Dragon's Bones and Claws-

Tools to Work with and Weapons for Self Defense.

* The Dragon's Spine – Ancestral Legacy

The Elders, the Genesis, the Beginning, the Strength, the Bone that stands tall and strong as the backbone of the Family’s Wisdom.

* The Dragon’s Globe It Grasps-

Unity of Mankind, Balanced Living and Integral Moral Conduct.

          This T-Shirt represents membership in our most ancient and honorable martial arts fraternity and a pledge to live up to its standards and set a good example for all.

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