How Bullies Control the Narrative

Bullies are by definition cowards who intimidate and manipulate others to do their will.

One of the ways they do this is by hitting you when no one is looking and then screaming that you are attacking them when you hit back.

Another trick is to make sure their story is the only one that is heard.

The do this by "controlling the narrative." Here's an example..

When Ashida Kim posted his $10,000 Challenge to Alan Goldberg, here is Goldberg's response on our Message Board:

After that, he stopped communicating directly. He told his flunkies he was "blocked" so they would do it for him.

Then he posted this: Frank Dux Officially Challenged! on YouTube

This was his way of bringing up old lies and smears long discredited AND ducking out of Ashida Kim's Challenge by pretending to challenge someone else.

So, Ashida Kim went there and posted his Challenge. Every time, it was deleted.

Frank Dux Challenged by Goldberg and Don Wilson 18 Nov 21

Ya know Alan, I’m getting a little tired of your big mouth. You are always bragging about how much money you have and how big a promoter you are. So, “put up or shut up!” Here are my terms for getting in the ring. You’ve been trying to pick a fight with me ever since I embarrassed you last time.

You want some? Come get you some! ‘Cause I got plenty and I love to share. I’ve been beating up loudmouth bullies like you all my life and I’m real good at it. Now, I know you’re a Soprano wannabee, “godfather of the martial arts” indeed. What an ego! And, some of my spies tell me you are a “heavy hitter,” meaning you could have one of your button men come and try to snuff me out.

But, that wouldn’t prove what a “classically trained Wing Chun master” you are. Calling your Sifu don’t make you a martial artist. It takes balls. You got any? Then get your fat ass in the ring or shut the fuck up!

But, he won't because he NEVER does his own fighting. Goldberg always gets some flunky to battle for him. He is a coward and a pussy! He won't accept MY challenge even though he is a foot taller and outweighs me by a hundred pounds. He is just a big windbag!

As for Don Wilson, ALL of the knockoff B-movies in the world don't equal one Bloodsport! Frank Dux has already won the marketplace, there is no need to whine about it. That's what Goldberg is really jealous of, and why he is using you as his stalking horse.

Don't delete me again, that's the coward's way out...You pretend to be fair and show both sides, but my last three posts didn't last an hour. That proves you are biased and on Goldberg's payroll.

Which led to a series of e-mails between Ashida Kim and

From: David Kurzhal To: Ashida Kim Sent: Tue, Nov 30, 2021 2:13 pm Subject: Re: Dux Challenge-Ashida Kim

Hi Ashida,

Thanks for emailing me. Would you be willing to come on the show and tell the audience about the $10,000 challenge to Alan Goldberg? Detailing the feud with Alan, etc…

Also, if Alan agrees, I'd luv to have you guys both on together while I mediate. It'd be good to have that discussion together and try to find some sort of resolution or at least just air everything out. Let me know what you think,

Thanks David



Not interested in coming on your show because it is biased. Proof? Every time I posted on your YouTube interview with Goldberg and Don Wilson it was deleted. Now you pretend you want to hear my side of the story? Here it is.

Alan Goldberg is a bully. He has a video being interviewed by the Dennis Warren where he says he "feels sorry for me," amongst other attacks on anyone who won't kiss his ring, for being fakes and frauds, as if he were capable or worthy to judge who is a real martial artist.

I don't need his sympathy. I told him weeks ago to take that video down and all this would go away. But, he won't because he is a bully. He can push these other people around all he wants, but not me. Here's a link to one of his plots I foiled. That is why he hates me.

Instead answering my challenge, he tries to drag up a bunch of old lies about Frank Dux, ALL of which have been discredited, some in court, but YOU keep helping Goldberg perpetrate his plot by airing the crap any way. This is not about Dux.

And, he tries to bring in a bunch of other people because he never does his own fighting, always has someone else, like you, do it for him. He is an unscrupulous tyrant with an ego problem.

By the way, bragging that he is from Jersey and they use baseball bats to settle their scores, is assault. But, you let him get away with threatening people because you think you may someday profit from being his friend. He has no friends, only people he tries to use.

One of his flunkies claimed I blocked him from posting on my site, outright lie. Just said that so he could post what Goldberg told him and wander off the topic.

For example, he and his cronies CLAIM I threatened Donna Keating. Never happened. We gave her an honorary membership in our club and when Goldberg pulled out, she followed him.

They CLAIM I was somehow responsible for Gary Lee having a stroke. Not so, he caused that himself. He went on Facebook and bragged about how he heard Frank Dux had a stroke and wished he had another one. That is called Karma.

Don Wilson is just another of Goldberg's expendable stalking horses, like you.

And, NONE of them have anything to do with Goldberg taking down that video, one of the hundreds he has touting himself as master of the universe. Couldn't give up even one to keep the peace.

He makes himself looks so childish and silly. Always bragging that he knows this big wheel or that important person, as if that makes him important. It's called "name dropping syndrome." Calling his Sifu, doesn't make him a martial artist, or a "godfather," takes balls.

I've been beating up bullies all my life, and I'm real good at it.

But, none of this truth will matter to you.

So, here's the deal, he sends me $10,000 and then we talk about where we set up the ring.

'Nuff said!

Ashida Kim

From: David Kurzhal To: Ashida Kim Sent: Tue, Nov 30, 2021 11:38 pm Subject: Re: Dux Challenge-Ashida Kim From: David Kurzhal To: Ashida Kim Sent: Tue, Nov 30, 2021 11:38 pm Subject: Re: Dux Challenge-Ashida Kim

Hey Ashida,

That's the annoying thing about these big tech companies. Yes, in many ways it is my channel, but I don't have full control over it as far as censorship goes, but am at least thankful it's hosted on YouTube, bc I'd never be able to reach an audience otherwise.

Individual viewers (literally anyone) can "report" a comment. It's really the YouTube algorithm as well as viewers reporting things that seem to cause the biggest issue. I think YouTube also keeps tabs on people who've been reported in the past. For example, a YouTube friend of mine, "Dan The Woodman" almost had all of his comments removed and he says nice things on my videos, but he's gotten into verbal sparring matches with others in the comments section and he's basically black listed more or less.

I've known people who got Facebook banned, I'd had several private messages to friends that won't send through (via voice messages), there's just way too much control these big tech companies have where they can filter things. I have a friend who had posts removed (he fought back and got them put back up on facebook).

Anyway, have a great night as well.

- David



Sorry, that bucket won't hold water. Easy to blame big tech, so let me give you the facts.

I am not banned on YouTube, never have been.

When I began posting on the Challenge Interview I noticed when I came back to see if there was any response, that my comments could not be found.

So, I posted a few and checked on them more frequently.

None lasted more than an hour, most less than fifteen minutes.

See, I check this stuff. I can always prove what I say. But, proof doesn't matter.

So, now you're telling me that your YouTube channel is so important that it has an AI algorhythm that checks every post and discriminates effectively between which one "pushes the narrative you want" and which don't?

If that were so they would kick that interview off because Goldberg brags about "being from Jersey, where we settle our disputes with baseball bats." That is assault. But, that's allowed, any defense is not.

So, it's probably NOT AI, more likely a real person that gets a notification whenever a post is made and checks on it, reports to you or Goldberg or both and the game is rigged again.

That is why my terms are not negotiable.

You wanted my side, you got it.

Now I don't have to come on your show. You can read the e-mails and post the links yourself.

And, history will lie, as usual.

Ashida Kim

RealVikingSamurai, after Kim PROVED to him that the narrative was being manipulated, did restore his last post, seen above, which seems to have ended the issue.

What they call a “no-win situation.” The only way to win a rigged game is not to play. So, we choose not to play.

RealVikingSamurai is a part of the conspiracy, like it or not, believe it or not. No matter how many times Dux disproves those lies, he just keeps bringing them up again. Look at his video list: Can Frank Dux Really Dodge Bullets (with Don Wilson AGAIN); Defend or Destroy Frank Dux; Frank Dux Challenged; The Secret Man Exposed; Frank Dux vs Don Wilson; Ninja Secrets Only Frank Dux Knows; Does Frank Dux Deserve Credit?; Frank Dux Call Out to Viking Samurai-YOU LACK ETHICS!

And he expected Ashida Kim to fall into his trap by coming on his "talk show?" Kim replied, "Interview? Ha! Did one with Gary Lee. He didn't even pronounce my name right for the whole show. Kept asking me about Dux record instead of staying on topic, because he was one of Goldberg's flunkies, trying to dig up any inconsistency so he could call it a lie. Everyone who listened to it was amazed I put up with his fat alcoholic ass. And, when he got sick, Goldberg threw him under the bus. Then Gary was going to come to one of our meetings with some of his boys and "get even." Never showed up."

These clowns set themselves up as the judges of what is "real" martial arts. Fact is, they are just jealous. Frank Dux is a legend, he's one of the nicest guys you'd ever want to meet. And, they can't stand it. "Putting out another's candle, does not make yours shine brighter." Old Ninja saying.

Ashida Kim's Challenge remains in place. The only true test of a martial artist is fighting. There is no one style that is better than another. And, on any given day, even a champion can be beat. But, this engagement, like so many others, proves that if you stand up to a bully, win or lose no matter, make good fight, earn respect.

This is also how social media platforms like Facebook and the Main Stream Media propaganda machine deceive you. By only telling one side of the story, their side; and stifling any rebuttal or defense. Right out of George Orwell's dystopian classic 1984.

"Sic Semper Tyrannis"