Is It True That Alan Goldberg Is So Jealous Of The Black Dragon Fighting Society That He Has Invented His Own Black Dragon Legion To Fulfill His Delusions Of Being A Grandmaster?

Alan Goldberg Self-Proclaimed Godfather of the Martial Arts

Alan Goldberg was awarded an Honorary Membership in the Black Dragon Fighting Society as the result of a clever manipulation worthy of any corporate espionage operation. Demetrius "Oaktree" Edwards, World Kickboxing Champion, was invited to join our organization by Head of Family Rev. Dr. Miskel.

"Oaktree," is Alan Goldberg's personal bodyguard. He stands at the door every Expo and handles any dispute that might arise with the appropriate amount of force or stern warning that might be required. He sponsored David Furie for membership. Furie and several of his associates attended two of our annual Gatherings as honored guests and presented demonstrations of their considerable martial arts skill.

David Furie also arranged for Dr. Miskel and Ashida Kim to attend Goldberg's Expo events, where they were treated with respect and dignity, after which he suggested inducting Alan Goldberg to our fellowship. Seemed like a good idea, he was a man of great influence and connections who brought a lot to the table in many regards. But, when speaking of Alan Goldberg, you must remember one thing, "It's all about the money."

He was inverviewed several times and asked why he hosted the Martial Arts Expo every year. His reply, " Gotta pay the bills, all about the money." He could have said so many other things that would have made him great. Like, "I do it because I love the martial arts (he claims to be a "classically trained Wing Chun" master) and it is a great opportunity to get together with my friends." Instead, he betrayed himself by his greed.

At the 2018 and 2019 Expos, Goldberg specifically told Ashida Kim that "they" were going after Frank Dux, proving that the attack on Frank Dux was pre-meditated and part of a larger conspiracy. As soon as he was presented with his Honorary Certificate of membership, he began to complain. Saying, "He couldn't be in an organization with Frank Dux because he was a fake and a fraud." For the Record! Essentially, as a new member with no standing or time-in-grade, demanding that we kick out Frank Dux, who had trained with Count Dante, founder of the American Chapter of the Black Dragon Fighting Society, and who had taken his place at the Kumite after Dante's death to become the first American to win the competition, which became the basis of the motion picture Bloodsport." He thought that because he was rich and powerful, because he had so many connections and potential to build the club, we would betray Frank Dux and sell out for money, like he would.

When his plan didn't work, he pouted and resigned.

"Hello Sir , with a heavy heart I would like to put in my official Resignation to the Black Dragons, of of this day 4/30 /19 11.05 PM. You have been a Great guiding light within the organization and I know you have tried your best to bring BD out of the past problems .But I see some like to hold on to untruths and feel not to overturn the apple cart. Im sorry to say thats not me , when I see Lies and fake bios with in the organization it boils my blood. when these same people claim to have truth , Honor & Integrity . They need to buy a dictionary because what they say is so convoluted. As for Mr Dux I will always just tell the truth about him as , he spreading rumors about me will just not pass and go away. any person that believes his exploits of grandeur just boggles my mind again I will just tell the truth about what I know . You sir have my respect always . but I dont see The BD going in a good direction with the attitude of sweeping fantasy , stories & Multiple changing stories under the rug . God Bless Alan Goldberg"

The Black Dragon Fighting Society response: "Frank Dux has not even mentioned you, ever, to my knowledge. He is NOT "spreading rumors" about you. Whoever told you that is a liar. Did want to get back with you about our conversation yesterday. Specifically your threat “go to war and destroy the Black Dragons.” That seems a little unfair, don’t you think? When all we have ever done is show you kindness, courtesy and respect. To punish an entire international organization just because they won’t throw Frank Dux under the bus. You speak a lot about loyalty, that wouldn’t be very loyal to him, would it? So, it’s kind of a double bind trap. If he is kicked out, that proves we are not loyal. If he isn’t kicked out, then we are all punished for being loyal. What they call a “no-win situation.” The only way to win a rigged game is not to play. So, we choose not to play.

We have known since the first time David Furie and his friends attended our 2017 Gathering that this was your intent. Because one of the party was known to Master Kim as a Ninja, and he revealed the plot, because that true bond of brotherhood is far stronger than any incentive you could offer. So, we "went along" to let you play out your game and expose yourself. And, you did.

Frank Dux was hosting a martial arts event in Las Vegas, he had several prominent martial artists who were scheduled to present seminars on their styles and systems. Two months before the event. Goldberg posted on Facebook that, "anyone attending Dux event would never be invited to another of his Expos." As a result the event was cancelled. This is not the act of a martial artist worthy to be among our fellowship, nor even the act of a jealous egomaniac. It is the act of a thug, a bully, a punk, who fancies himself one of the "Lords of Flatbush," a movie about New Jersey street gangs, and proclaims himself to be the "godfather of the martial arts."

Alan Goldberg, launched a vicious online slander campaign against Frank Dux. A campaign Dux did not even acknowledge or respond to. That was part of the plan.

Supposedly, this character assassination by Alan Goldberg against Frank Dux began because of an incident that occurred in Las Vegas December 2018. Alan Goldberg told Ashida Kim on the phone that he was at a health and fitness event and spoke in passing to a lady in attendance who became offended and accused him of sexual harassment. That, because this woman was a friend of Dux’s wife, he suspected that this bogus charge was a plot by Dux to embarrass and discredit him. Therefore, he was initiating a campaign to prove that Dux was a liar so that if any charges were made by him would also be considered lies and accused Dux of “spreading this rumor” to make him look bad. Stating further that his record and integrity were unblemished for many years and he must defend that reputation at all costs.

So he had one of his flunkies post a scurolous website link on Facebook accusing Dux of pretending to be veteran when he wasn’t. Then went on as if he were merely endorsing and amplifying the post by presenting more evidence of other scandals, feeding the fire, so to speak. When actually it was his plot all along. He just didn't want to take credit or blame for initiating the action. He even told Ashida Kim he enjoyed taunting Dux online. Teasing him, calling him names, calling him a fake and a fraud, warning people not to be his friend. Is that the act of an honorable man?

However, Dux was not spreading rumors. He spoke to three people about the incident. Two were friends of Goldberg who were also at the event, so they could warn him. Neither of them came forward to participate in this vendetta or protest his innocence. The other was a superior officer in The Black Dragon Fighting Society so he would be aware of the circumstances. A martial arts fraternity that extended an honorary membership to Alan Goldberg out of courtesy and respect, openly extending the hand of friendship, asking nothing in return. In the spirit and tradition of Hou Yuanjia, founder of the Jing Wu Martial Arts association in the 1890s and one of the most famous Boxers in China, who fought a thousand duels to restore his national pride. He never cheated, and he always won. A martial arts brotherhood to which Alan Goldberg then sent spies to test and try to discredit Frank Dux and other members of long standing. A fellowship from which he resigned because we would not let him dictate who could be a member.

Ashida Kim told Goldberg this, told him that Dux was the one who talked the woman out of pressing charges. Some of Goldberg’s friends claim it was a “set-up.” So ask yourself, why a woman that barely knew Frank Dux, who was wearing a million dollars worth of jewelry, whose husband was a doctor and a guest at the event, allow herself to be used in such a sinister plot?

If it was a set-up, why was there no follow-through? The fact that no charges were ever pressed, even though she made a scene on the sidewalk outside the venue before witnesses, proves that Dux stifled the complaint. The fact that he did not even lower himself to defend against these allegations, not wanting to make it worse by arguing with bullies, knowing that Goldberg controlled the narrative because he publishes a magazine where he can employ his yellow journalism and because he can delete any defense made on Facebook, he had already deleted several posts of Ashida Kim, or stir it all up again by having the lady in question come forward, as proof of his innocence.

Goldberg said, “Action Martial Arts Magazine Hall of Honors does not support Liars, Thieves, conmen and people that live in a fantasy with fake stories. of there (SIC-their) fake career. If People support these types of people and there (SIC-their) so called events. please realize your invite to my event IS NOT IN THE MAIL. Time to draw a line in the sand. people need to grow a spin (SIC-spine) and backbone, Im (no apostrophe) not stopping anyone from going to any event or supporting these type of people, but my organization needs not to be involved with people that talk out of both sides of there mouths . For more info please message me When you support these assholes your support is not for Martial Arts.”

Posted on Martial Arts Caring and Sharing Facebook page 12 July 2019 by Alan Goldberg

How Bullies Control the Narrative

Goldberg posted this to sabotage the Frank Dux Fellowship event to be held in September in Las Vegas. The Action Martial Arts Magazine Expo is held the second weekend of January. Do you really think he sends out invitations seven months in advance? As a result of this threat, several prominent martial artists who had signed on and agreed to attend and present seminars for Frank Dux withdrew, for fear of losing Goldberg's friendship. As a result, the event was cancelled. Typical thug style intimidation.

It is a well known fact that Goldberg thinks Ashida Kim is a fake and a fraud. Yet he twice honored him at his annual martial arts expo. Even though Kim didn’t get to keep the trophy and sword he was awarded in 2019. Setting aside for a moment the fabrication, why would he do that?

Simple, he thought he could use Ashida Kim. He thought if he wined and dined him and showed him the high life and all the stars he knew and opportunities to make money and be in the movies and offered to let him be in Goldberg's crew, that Ashida Kim would betray Frank Dux.

Are these the actions of a man of integrity? A man who has anointed himself Godfather of the martial arts?

Ashida Kim and Frank Dux recognized this plot early on. And, being skilled at espionage by virtue of their Ninjitsu training, played Goldberg instead. Dux would not answer any of Goldberg's taunts or challenges. Instead, Ashida Kim took up the cause and defended him online until one of Goldberg's agents told him that, "Dux is finished, even members of the BDFS Council know he is a fake, one of his main associates is about to come forward and denounce him, we have letters from experts and confidants saying all the breaks he did in France were faked, he needs to go hide in Mexico for a few years, anyone who defends him will be brought down too. So, out of friendship, because I brought you into Goldberg's group, stop defending him."

So, Ashida Kim stopped posting any defense of Frank Dux online. All part of the plan. Let them have enough rope to hang themselves.

No one in the BDFS ever called Frank Dux a fake. No trusted confidant ever came forward to denounce him. No letters discrediting him were ever produced. Instead of going to Mexico, where he is a revered martial artist, commended by the Mexican government for his charitable works and martial arts expertise, Dux merely continued to post positive and inspirational facts online. Ignoring the jibes and slander as agreed.

Goldberg became so frustrated at the lack of response after three months of unrelenting harassment, that he paid yet another of his henchmen to hack Frank Dux's Facebook account and post bogus responses in Dux's name. Everyone who knows Frank Dux knows that he is a true gentleman who does not use foul language like this.

That was when we stopped them, by posting a single response in the right place, at the right time, exposing their plot. Because that is what Ninja do, "Ikken Hiatsu," win with one punch.

That drew an instant threat from the minion who asked Kim to stop defending Dux. He called Ashida Kim and told him screaming hysterically that, "This fight is going to end in blood. After all I done for you, now you are trying to destroy Alan Goldberg. And, I'll see you on the front lines. I'm ashamed of you!" Of course, it was Goldberg who was trying to destroy Dux, not the other way around. But, blind loyalty is a powerful incentive.

When that call was made public the minion vanished. Because he had embarassed Alan Goldberg by making threats of violence. He still calls some of the Black Dragon Fighting Society members who welcomed him without judgment as a professional soldier and well known martial artist to harass them. That is why the fight is not over.

Most people don't understand what spies do. They think that all of them are James Bond types, chasing beautiful women, driving fast cars, shooting people with their special guns. And, there are some of those. But, most intelligence workers read books, watch the news or scout on site to gather information from which they write reports that enable them to establish strategies to direct events and promote their covert agenda. Another tactic is speading disinformation. Lies, to manipulate the enemy. The best example was the rumor that Adolf Hitler had syphillus. In 1939, at the height of his power, he was not going to take a test to prove he was clean. Besides, such a test result could be faked by his propaganda machine. It was a master stroke that demeaned him as a leader and made him look sinful to all freedom fighters. That, is espionage.

Shortly after the plot was exposed, 85% of the trash and slander was removed from Facebook. Shortly after that, the original link to the Stolen Valor webpage was taken down. Most of that slander relied on questioning Frank Dux's military service, claiming that he had never served. There is a very simple way to prove that he did serve, and honorably. Frank Dux receives medical benefits from the Veterans Administration. You don't get those unless you were Honorably Discharged from one of the five branches of military service. Much of what he did is still classified. The book he wrote about his experiences was confiscated off the shelves by the CIA because it had not been cleared for publication and they were afraid it might reveal details of covert operations. What he did, how long he served, is irrelevant. Besides which, all of these charges were answered in a lawsuit in the nineties against Soldier of Fortune Magazine, that was won by Frank Dux.

So, the entire "stolen valor" webpage, which was in the works in 2018 and probably paid for by Goldberg because he told Ashida Kim in 2018 that "they" were "going after" Dux, was totally fabricated from old news. Stolen Valor Vultures-Frank Dux

Alan Goldberg claims to be the Godfather of the Martial Arts. What does that mean? It means he wants to be a tyrannical gangster. Just because a TV series was shot in New Jersey and Goldberg lives in New Jersey he fancies himself to be Tony Soprano or Marlon Brando and glorifies the worst elements of society. Even though the producers tried to cast Tony Soprano as a sympathetic figure for the sake of ratings, he was, nonetheless, a ruthless, bloodthirsty hoodlum who killed his enemies, and friends, without mercy, in cold blood. Psychologically wanting to emulate such a character is known as a “hero fetish.” It is a self-defense mechanism used by people with deep seated insecurity and low self-esteem who want people to be afraid of them. Often used by bullies to make themselves feel powerful and important. Goldberg claims the nickname was given to him by friends, like James Brown was the Godfather of Soul. But, James Brown never criticized or attacked any other singers, did he?

It should be noted that at the last Martial Arts Expo, Bill Aguiar III was interviewed by David Furie and again voiced his claims to be the Supreme Ulitmate Grandmaster of the BDFS because his father was a friend of Dante and in general denigrating our organization and members which was posted on YouTube. Story goes that one man attending the event, a veteran and amputee, objected to Aguiar's insults and asked him to stop. Aguiar asked what he would do about it if he didn't stop? The veteran replied he would punch Aguiar in the mouth. Aguiar said, "Well go ahead then..." Challenge accepted, Aguiar was knocked flat on his ass by one punch to the mouth. So much for his claim to be a martial arts master! And, how do we know this? Because our spies are everywhere.

This was the ONLY incident of its kind in the twenty year history of Goldberg's Expos. A complete failure of martial arts etiquette and simple respect. And, no "Oaktree" was quick enough to stop it.

After the pandemic, there was no 2021 Martial Arts Expo. Nor will there ever be one like it again. Goldberg has disgraced himself by letting a fight break out at his event. The Tropicana will never host him again. So instead, he has hooked up with Bill Aguiar III to form the "Black Dragon Legion," thinking, incorrectly, that he can sell memberships and make a fortune. That's not what we do.

Grandmaster Kim has issued a $10,000 Open Challenge to both of them. Neither has had the balls to respond.

In the cutthroat world of corporate espionage it is not enough to do your best and prosper, to live and let live. You must also destroy any competition and monopolize the market. That was the purpose of this plot and these are some of the tactics that can be used against anyone perceived as an competitor. So, be wary of those who pretend to be on a crusade to clean up the martial arts. They are not always as pure and noble as they may seem. Real martial artists do not criticize or question or judge other martial artists. That is the Eleventh Commandment, the hallmark of the Black Dragon Fighting Society, "Thou shalt not speak ill of a fellow Black Belt." We could easily use these online propaganda troll tactics against our enemies, and they are legion. But, we don't. Because, "Martial arts are for self-defense only." We join, in fellowship, to preserve, practice and promote the martial arts. We still offer the hand of friendship to those with integrity and skill to join us, so that all may benefit from these ancient teachings.

"Veritas et Robitus Super Omnia"