Submit Your Manuscript
    Submit your manuscript for evaluation. Good works are hard to find and we're always looking for new authors.

    What we do!

  We help the novelist publish his or her idea.
    We are not here to judge what may interest a reader? To that end, we have acceptted manuscripts and produced instructional books and videos for many individuals and associates. These were then made available for their own students to purchase, so they in turn could study the lessons learned in class and have a record of their progress. Some were produced as promotional tapes for members to promote their own school or style or for those who require an audition tape to qualify for participation in professional matches, such as the ultimate fighting bouts. Still again some were done to provide a record of matches and tournaments sponsored and sanctioned by there DOJO. And, we do this at far below the market price, because it provides an opportunity for others to express and promote their own innovative ideas in print or on video tape, so that all may benefit. For this is the purpose of our martial arts brotherhood.

   We offer several plans. We can print and bind a camera-ready manuscript, with black and white pictures into a Softcover Manuscript Edition. Identical to commercial copies of most martial arts books, 5 1/2 x 8 1/2 inches, we also do a "non perfect bound." This means there is no title on the spine of the book. It is covered with cloth tape or ring binding. Or, in Editor's Edition, same binding, except 8 1/2 by 11 inches, softcover.
   We can type-set and layout an unfinished manuscript to these specifications, print and bind them, then advertise them through our distribution network or sell them directly to the Author for his own disposal.
    We can edit an existing video, produce a color insert sheet and provide a videotape box into which it may be placed for a finished video production. Or, shoot new video, and produce a two hour tape for anyone. We know, because we have done it in the past and we have experienced the difficulties inherent in making videos. Namely, that a great many creative people are not given an opportunity to express themselves or their ideas. We let them.
    So, if you have a book or tape you can't seem to make any progress on, and would like to see it in print or on the screen.
    If you have an idea, we would like to hear it.
    If you have a problem, we would like to help.
   Because we are a service fraternity, and this is our mission.

    If you think your Teacher is great, suggest the idea to him of a book or tape. If you are a Teacher, establish in a text or on tape your technique. Many of our people have remarked on how, years after a tape was produced, it was the only record of their Sensei's teaching. A legacy, to be passed on to the next generation. Everyone has a book inside them, waiting to be written down. And, as with the striving for perfection of a martial artist, it is the writing down of it that is the true lesson, not whether anyone ever reads it.

    Send your manuscript or tape plus a $25  Evaluation Fee.
    This fee includes, Editorial review and return postage of your
    original work.   to:

    DOJO Press
    P.O. Box 209
    Lake Alfred FL 33850

  Or for more infromation or specific questions feel free to e-mail us at   DojoPress@Aol.Com    We offer a fair contract, (and we know what one looks like because we have seen so many that are unfair) and negotiate in good faith terms that will be satisfactory to all parties. Further, we will live up to our contract in a timely manner. Because, among men of honor, if your word is no good, a contract is just a piece of paper.

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