Five Rings

Traditions, Ceremonies,
and Etiquette

  The Five Rings Ninjitsu Association has been successfully operating Dojo in the United States for over forty-five years. Revealed in this book for the first time are the traditions of the Ninja, the ceremonies performed in the Dojo, and the etiquette that is to be observed by all practitioners. Teachers in the Art will find this book invaluable to use as a guide to operate their own Dojo. Students from all styles will find a deeper understanding of the Warrior Way.
If you want to have a better understanding of the ancient Koga Ninja, and how you'll be trained, you'll want this book.
The author, Sensei Darrin Cowger is an accomplished martial artist with over thirteen years of experience studying the ancient Art of Ninjitsu. Guided by his teacher and brother in the Art, Sensei Michael Rivera who has trained extensively in Judo, Karate, and Ninjitsu, this book is written for the serious practitioner.
Five Rings Tradition, Ceremonies and Etiquette is an excellent comprehensive guide to the inner workings of a Ninjitsu Dojo.

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