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DOJO Press is a fair and honest, business. We do not lie, steal or cheat. We are men of honor. We welcome and salute all martial artists.

DOJO Press is the desktop publishing branch of DOJO-Academy of the Martial Arts, a division of Yudansha (Black Belt) International. DOJO Press was established by the friends and fans of Ashida Kim as a way of making available to members of the DOJO-Academy of the Martial Arts certain restricted materials and manuscripts that had not been selected for publication by other means.

For example, Master Kim completed work on "The Invisible Fist" ten years ago, but it was repeatedly rejected. So DOJO Press published this book and sold it for Master Kim until last year, when Citadel Press also released it, whereupon it was immediately accepted and has enjoyed great success. But, even there, some selections were deleted to protect the publisher from liability.

DOJO Press is an equal opportunity, fair and honest, business. We do not lie, steal or cheat. We do not delay or hide behind contracts or under-report sales. We are men of honor.

Over the years, our small operation has grown to include a network of associates worldwide, and all because we were willing to interview any martial artist, regardless of style or lineage. Many of whom had books or tapes of their own they couldn't get published due to the unwillingness of the industry at large.

The problem is, nobody wants to try anything new. They all want to stick to tired old formulae they know will work.

That's were we come in. We help the novelist publish his or her idea. A great many creative people are not given an opportunity to express themselves or their ideas. We let them. In addition, we serve as a contact agency for schools and martial artists worldwide and as the exclusive agent for distribution of the works of Grandmaster Ashida Kim. Audio, video, and text.

If you have an idea, we would like to hear it. If you have a problem, we would like to help. Why? Because we are a service fraternity, and this is our mission.

Our company is presently expanding our operations and we would like any and all who wish to participate in this great adventure to make themselves known. Good people are hard to find because they are usually humble and do not push themselves forward. We are here to help.

If you think your Teacher is great, suggest the idea to him of a book or tape. If you are a Teacher, establish in a text or on tape your technique. Many of our people have remarked on how, years after a tape was produced, it was the only record of their Sensei's teaching. A legacy, to be passed on to the next generation. Everyone has a book inside them, waiting to be written down. And, as with the striving for perfection of a martial artist, it is the writing down of it that is the true lesson, not whether anyone ever reads it.

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