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For centuries, Ninjitsu was a secret art of exotic weapons and dirty tricks not taught even to the general martial arts population because such knowledge in the wrong hands can be deadly and our brotherhood will not tolerate anyone misusing these techniques.

In modern times it has become the simplest, most non-violent self-defense form of the 21st century. Based on the ancient adage, "grain of sand in eye can hide mountain," the foundation of the entire system is one technique that requires no training whatsoever and can be learned in less than five minutes. It is guaranteed to overcome any opponent regardless of size, strength or superior skill. Even reading it once is sufficient to empower even the most meek and mild, and satisfy any pacifist who would argue that being killed is better than fighting back. It is called "throw sand in his eyes and run away!"

It has been said that, "Mugei-Mumei no Jitsu is better than Kung Fu, badder than Karate, softer than Tai Chi, gentler than Judo, and deadlier than Dim Mak." But, it is not WE who have said this.

Did you know?

Mugei-Mumei no Jitsu is a Japanese phrase meaning "no name, no art." It was used by the Ninja of feudal times to conceal the existence of their secret techniques of stealth and invisibility, Ninjitsu, that made them legendary as "ghost-soldiers, shadow-warriors and invisible assassins of feudal Japan."

Arranged in the traditional manner of Self Instruction, those who read this book even once will possess the knowledge and therefore the power, equal to that of any Black Belt 1st Degree in any recognized system of martial arts known to man. That rank and the Official DOJO Certificate confirming it are conferred upon the purchase of this text. The actual level of skill of the individual is a matter of personal choice and practice.

  • ANYONE CAN BE A BLACK BELT-No contracts or expensive classes
  • INSTANT KUNG FU-No boring forms or impossible exercises
  • OVERCOME ANY ATTACKER-Without physical Contact
  • BREAK BRICKS WITH YOUR BARE HANDS-No practice required
  • KILL AND RESTORE TO LIFE-The Power of Life and Death
  • GO BEYOND MERE TECHNIQUE-And learn the nature of Warriorship


Historical Background

This method was developed by the Kimitake clan of the Koga province and was their specialty in the Ninja hierarchy. Just as each school had a characteristic throwing star so they could identify themselves to each other, these Ninja used a "metsu-bishi-ko" or "black egg," filled with a variety of blinding powders that could be used defensively to ward off a sentry or guard who might discover them penetrating a warlord's stronghold or castle and avoid a confrontation. If necessary, they were trained to silently render an enemy soldier unconscious using the Japanese Sleeper Hold, for the "taking of a life does no one honor." From these two principles, an entire martial art evolved. Kuji Ashi the Nine Secret Steps, Shuriken-Jitsu the Art of Throwing accurately, Kuatsu the Power to Kill and Restore Life, and many other skills. But, the key, the cornerstone technique, remains the same. In this way, neither the attacker nor the victim is harmed. For we are men of peace; who can fight like ten tigers; or creep up silently and strike from ambush.

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