Are You Ready For Serious Self Defense?

Ninjitsu has been called the deadliest, most savage, and terrifying self defense art known to Man. It is called the Invisible Fist. It relies on instinctive natural reactions to open the enemy to any one of nine devastating weapon/fist counter-strikes. Each one of which is guaranteed to kill cripple or maim any attacker. Invisible Fist is not for the squeamish nor weak at heart. It is instant self defense. The effective execution time of these techniques is less than one second. This Official Ninja Training Manual reveals and demystifies many closely guarded secrets of this ancient and obscure art of invisibility: This book will broaden your martial arts knowledge no matter what your fighting style…  

*Mi Chuan– The Invisible Fist     

*Nine Fists of the Ninja

*Mi Lu Kata– The Lost Track Form     

*Secrets of the Japanese Sleeperhold    

*Ninja Utility Belt

*Real Ninja Ops

Ninja Training Manual was originally written as a DOJO Handbook by Ninja Master Ashida Kim and Sensei Christopher Hunter and was published in 1980 as BOOK OF THE NINJA. It was promptly stolen and re-titled by unscrupulous publishers and has been sold in fifteen countries and nine different languages without the author receiving an red cent. The publishers mistakenly captioned a picture of Master Kim as being Sensei Hunter and never corrected the error, which has led to considerable confusion amongst the readership and provided grist for an army of jealous critics who claim on the one hand that we made it all up, and on the other that we stole it all from the military hand-to-hand combat courses.
DOJOPRESS has rectified this glaring mistake and is now the EXCLUSIVE distributor of this corrected edition, which has become a standard of reference for Ninja worldwide. 100 pages, photos and charts.

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