Deadly Grip of the Ninja

Lethal Throws and Takedowns
Ultimate, No-Holds-Barred, Wrestling and Grappling Skills of ancient Japan.

Whether you are a man on the street, or a Ninja with a mission, when the fighting starts, you must have an edge.

Deadly Grip of the Ninja, by world famous author Ashida Kim, gives you the lethal advantage of a warrior defending himself in the manner of the Ninja of feudal Japan. When you have learned these grappling throws and takedowns, and perfected the coup d' grace, you will know the power of total control. Anyone who attacks you will learn that you are invincible. That YOU are Ninja.

The Hip Throw, Leg Pick-up, Head Wheel Throw, and Arm Lever Takedown are but the beginning, as you learn the thirty-three techniques described and illustrated here. See how the Ninja "floats" around his opponent, using speed and balance to bring the attacker down and finish him off.  

Now YOU have the Power! Practice and NEVER lose it!

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