Wolf's Den Ninjutsu

presented by Master Michael Robinson
Soke Makoto Kinjo Ryu


    This DVD contains the fundamental Ninja skills taught to the students of Soke Michael Robinson. Beginning with basic stretching and limbering up exercises to develop strength and flexibility, Soke Robinson then teaches stamina and pain conditioning, demonstrating practice methods that enable the student to not only withstand the rigors of training, but also the impact of real combat.

    Next the instructional video moves into the basic stances that provide stability and balance necessary for proper technique and the rolls and falls that are necessary to evade an attack or launch one from an unexpected angle.

    The fighting techniques begin with Atemi, the art of striking with the hands. And include:

    * Fudoken- The Vertical Fist

    * Tetsuken- The Hammer Fist

    * Boshiken- The Claw

    * Kikaku Ken- The Demon Horn Fist

    * As well as Elbow Strikes and Ken Kudaki- Crushing the Fist

    Kicking Drills include:

    * Mae Geri- Front Snap Kick

    * Sokuho Geri- Side Kick

    * Mikazuki Geri- In and Out Crescent Kick

    * Counter-Kicking and Knee Strikes

    * Crushing the Enemy's Kick- Principles and Variations

    * PLUS- Throws, Takedowns, Finishing Holds and Much More!

    Practice drills and applications are shown in a clear and concise manner so that even someone practicing home alone can study and learn to apply them with devastating results.

    Okami Sumika Ninjutsu is not for everyone. Only the few who wish to learn the secrets of this Ninja system of self-defense will benefit from the these teachings of Soke Robinson.

    Students learning from this course are eligible to receive a basic skills diploma from Soke Michael Robinson of the Makoto Kinjo Ryu. Will you be one of them?

    E-mail: Master Michael Robinson

Triadic Martial Arts Institute

58 minutes; Color; DVD Format; $29.95 + $5 Priority Shipping


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