Okami Sumika Ninjutsu-Level 2

presented by Master Michael Robinson
Soke Makoto Kinjo Ryu


    This DVD contains the next level of Ninja skills taught to the students of Soke Michael Robinson. These include: Meiso/ Mind Science-KI and basic meditation. Soke Robinson has also prepared and makes available a Training Manual on these Fundamentals of Energy exercises. E-mail Master Michael Robinson for details.

    Continued conditioning to emphasis stamina, flexibility, and overall coordination. In the Classical Ninjutsu Section we begin to see how we can put the pieces together working with distance, timing and basic responses using Gogyo no Kata(San shin)-the Five Elemental representations: Chi no kata-Earth; Sui no kata-Water; Ka no kata-Fire; Fu no kata-Wind and Ku no kata-Void.

    Then we explore Kihon Happo and some henka or variations, such as Ichimonji and Jumonji Hicho. These give us examples of counter-striking from specific Kamae. Then the fundamental reversals such as Ura gyaku-inside; Omote gyaku-outside; Hon gyaku-crossing; Oni kudaki-demon crusher; Musha dori-warrior take (shoulder); Muso dori-elbow lock; Ganseki nage-“big rock” first throw; Goshin Jutaijutsu- Grappling Skills; Ha-Jutsu: Grabbing Escapes (Wolfs Claw and Paw Method); Mitsu Kudaki - Sonic Voice (Ninja no Kai) –This involves the explosive expression to others and to oneself; Tehadoki: Freeing the hands, wrists and arms from a Single wrist grab same hand; Wrist grab with opposite hand; Both wrists grabbed in front low; Both wrists grabbed high; Aggressive hand shakes; Taihodoki: Freeing the body-Defense against body holds and Chokes.

    Practice drills and applications are shown in a clear and concise manner so that even someone practicing home alone can study and learn to apply them with devastating results.

    Okami Sumika Ninjutsu is not for everyone. Only the few who wish to learn the secrets of this Ninja system of self-defense will benefit from the these teachings of Soke Robinson.

    Students learning from this course are eligible to receive a basic skills diploma from Soke Michael Robinson of the Makoto Kinjo Ryu. Will you be one of them?

    E-mail: Master Michael Robinson

Triadic Martial Arts Institute

58 minutes; Color; DVD Format; $29.95 + $5 Priority Shipping


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