Okami Sumika Ninjutsu-Level 3

presented by Master Michael Robinson
Soke Makoto Kinjo Ryu


    Level Three Wolf's Den Ninjitsu advances the student's skills with Throwing Techiniques, Shimewaza, Ground Fighting and advanced fighting methods with the Kama or small hand sickle.

    Soke Michael Robinson begins by demonstrating the Cartwheel, Round Off, Square Off and Handspring; Karuma Jutsu, the acrobatic art of the Ninja, used much like Ukemi to dissipate the impact of falling and rolling.

    Then he demonstrates the principles of Kazushi, unbalancing the opponent in Eight Directions, so he can be thrown to the ground and subdued. From the classic Osoto Geri to the Back Leg Trip, the Leg Hook, the Shoulder and Lapel Throws, the basic Hip Throw, the Head throw, three methods of throwing by the arm, three Sutemi or Sacrifice Throws, and a variety of arm and wrist locks are covered in the presentation.

    Next Soke Robinson illustrates the secrets of Shimewaza, strangling and choking holds used to render an opponent unconscious in seconds. And, an elaborate section on Ground Fighting that covers not only Mixed Martial Arts applications but traditional Jujutsu practice forms as well. This lesson concludes with the Kama, a little known Ninja weapon originally used to harvest rice and grain, made lethal by the Five Stabbing Methods, Slashing in Eight Directions, and the Reverse Grip applications of the blade and pommel.

    Even someone practicing home alone can study and learn to apply thee techniques with devastating results.

    Okami Sumika Ninjutsu is not for everyone. Only the few who wish to learn the secrets of this Ninja system of self-defense will benefit from the these teachings of Soke Robinson.

    Students learning from this course are eligible to receive a basic skills diploma from Soke Michael Robinson of the Makoto Kinjo Ryu. E-mail Master Michael Robinson for details.

Triadic Martial Arts Institute

48 minutes; Color; DVD Format; $29.95 + $5 Priority Shipping


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