Vinyasa is a Yoga term that means right direction or good journey. The student steps upon the Path, is led to the summit, and returns to the world better than before.
       In this step-by-step, follow-along instructional DVD, certified Yoga master Linn Sennott guides the viewer on this inner quest for balance and understanding.
       Linn begins by demonstrating proper breathing methods and basic warm-up exercises. The series is followed by stretching and limbering movements to ready yourself for the strengthening postures of the Warrior Series.
       Once prana, the life-giving energy absorbed by breathing, is collected and cultivated in this manner, you are ready for the more difficult Tree Pose. Balancing on one leg sounds easy, until you try it. The benefits of the balancing asana (pose) make it well worth the effort to learn. This is the summit, the peak of your achievements for which all the others have prepared you. Having achieved this height, you return to the world slowly, and balance your energy with a series of counter-poses.
       Now you are ready for the relaxation experience at the end of the session to calm your mind and relax your body. Throughout this practice, your intention, the goal you set for yourself in the first minutes of your practice, is always before you, coming ever closer to fulfillment, as you continue to perfect your exercise.

Techniques illustrated on this DVD include:
Abdominal, Thoracic and Empowered Breathing
Cat Stretching
"Happy Baby Pose"
Bow Posture
Triangle Pose
Sarvasana Relaxation Exercise
and Many More!!!

      These exercises lead to a tranquil mind and a warm, open heart. By performing them, you can experience the true meaning of inner peace and harmony. Those who have trained in Yoga for thousands of years have found this to be so.

60 minutes; DVD Format; $19.95


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