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"The culmination of both western and eastern cultural fight promoters working together in the West, Russia, Korea, Manchuria, Japan, Vietnam, Thailand, and China, in 1900’s, gave rise to an unofficial union dubbed the “International Fighting Art Association, est. 1901. The Kumite is a secret society. Yet, it is so well known amongst Asian Martial masters anyone not familiar with its historical legacy is literally labeled “Offspring of Turtles.” Today, this is a KaJuKenBo tradition, where I personally watched the legendary Bloodsport fighter, my KaJukenBo brother Frank Dux, do it for real. So have a lot of people in the IFAA Official Black Dragon Fighting Society.”

Black Dragon Grandmaster Ron Pierce

The Legend of Bloodsport!

In Chicago 1969, there emerged the American rendition of the Black Dragon Fighting Society, as founded by John Keehan (AKA Count Raphael Dante) who was co-founder and mid-west director of the United States Karate Association (USKA) until 1962. Dante had fought in three Kumite Death matches previously, earning him the title, "World's Deadliest Fighting Master," and was scheduled to participate again. But, in May 1975, at age 34 Keehan passed away, unexpectedly. As legend goes, with his death the invitation to fight went to another protégé of Senzo Tanaka, Frank Dux, which became the basis of the 1988 classic film based on true events in his life, the classic martial arts film- Bloodsport.

Included in this archive:

  • *Foreword from Black Dragon Grandmaster Ron Pierce
  • *History of Hou Yuanjia and Senzo Tanaka
  • *The Kokuryukai
  • *John Keehan aka Count Dante
  • *PLUS details of The KUMITE and Mission Statement if the IFAA


The 1988 released film, Bloodsport, portrays the true life exploits of IFAA Official BDFS original member Frank Dux. It depicts how the IFAA/Kokuryukai Black Dragons sponsor the events along with the existence of its past champion Senzo Tanaka, who is referenced in historical documents and paid homage, in the motion picture Fearless, with Jet Li. The Black Dragon Senzo Tanaka is renown throughout the inner circle of martial arts for putting an end to the Hou Yuanjia fighting dynasty whereby the event name is transformed from "San Soo" to "The Kumite."

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