International Fighting Arts Association
Grandmasters Handbook

...and, we have not even to find the path ourselves, for we have all the heroes of all the ages that have gone before to show us the way…”

Joseph Campbell

Noted Anthropologist

Wm & Mary College

This once in a lifetime pamphlet lists the biographies and martial arts credentials of the founding members of the IFAAOBDFS. From the Ancestral Heritage to John Keehan aka Count Dante, Grandmaster Doug Dwyer, Grandmaster Lawrence Day, Hanshi Frank Dux, Master Mike Felkoff, Sensei Ashida Kim, Grandmaster Vic Moore, Grandmaster Ron Pierce, Grandmaster Ernie Reynolds, Grandmaster Don Miskel, and Soke Stoffel van Vuuren. As well as the Mission Statement, Grandmaster’s Scroll and Award. These are the men who established the standard of martial arts excellence. Theirs is the example we must live up to.

"The American Branch of the ancient and honorable Black Dragon Fighting Society was founded by the late Count Juan Raphael Dante and opened to public membership in 1968."

"According to legend the death touch/Tibetan Iron Palm strike was allegedly administered to Keehan over his tendency to associate with well known western organized crime figures, bringing dishonor to his clan.  Nonetheless, with his death a young protégé Frank Dux competed in Keehan’s place in the coveted and legendary Kokuryukai, Black Dragon Society Kumite events. The event which forms the basis of the 1988 classic film based on true events in the life of Frank Dux, Bloodsport."

"Grandmaster Lawrence Day began his Martial Arts journey with the Black Dragon Fighting Society under Count Dante whose real name was Grandmaster John Keehan. Dr. Day continues teaching and learning Tai-chi, Chi-kung and his passion, Chi-ma, or Fa-ching poison hand for over 45 years."

"A third generation descendant of Covert Operatives Frank Dux possessed the network, technical knowledge and experience to have built a highly distinguished reputation for himself as an independent contract agent by successfully completing what many intelligence agencies and film afficionado's describe as Mission: Impossible. In professional circles of SPECWAR operators Mr. Frank W. Dux is often described as America's real life answer to James Bond or Ethan Hunt."

"Vic Moore defeated every national champion that was competing during the 60’s and the 70’s. Such greats as Mike Foster, Chuck Norris, Fred Wren, Glenn Keeney, James Hawkes, and Jim Kelly just to name a few. Vic Moore points out that just because he beat a champion or a champion beat him, does not take away the credibility of a champion. We are all still champions he will tell you."

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