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About Cry My Beloved Country

Cry My Beloved Country is the tragic story of the decline and fall of Western civilization, specifically America. The author clearly demonstrates how greed and self-interest have led to the decay and collapse of a once great nation. How kindness and charity were turned into weapons to bludgeon the People into submission so they could be ruled by fear and shame and guilt.

“Next to people who are greedy and excuse themselves by calling it “enlightened self-interest,” probably the biggest cause of chaos in the world are what the Russians used to call Idealistic Dupes. Must confess, was one myself. Got all wrapped up in the Civil Rights Movement, thought I was going to change the world and end the war. Got my head pounded on a few times, bit by a couple of dogs. Learned to put water on a handkerchief to cut the tear gas. Didn’t really work that well.”

In less than one hundred pages, author Eric Blair gives you the military strategy behind the destruction of America, then shows you, step by step, how it was done.

  • How the Myth of Free and Fair Elections and the Illusion of a Republic are used to keep the masses subdued by letting them think they have a voice in their governance.
  • How Planned Obsolescence, Insurance Companies and Medical Malpractice keep the People in Economic Slavery.
  • How the Corporate Hive Mind, and Government Mandated Bank Failures have destroyed our banking industry and looted the Personal Retirement Accounts of millions of hard working citizens.
  • How Kindness, Compassion and Generosity, even Patience and Tolerance, were turned into weapons against us.
  • How a once proud people, who put a man on the moon in less than ten years, who saved the world from the curse of Nazi dictatorship, who were the envy of all, were brought down and turned into a Third World nation.
  • How our freedoms, long touted and extolled, were steadily eroded, until nothing remains.
  • How God was driven from our lives and replaced with Angst.
  • How we are preyed on and experimented on by the Medical Industry, the Insurance Companies, and all the rest; and frustrated in any attempt to seek Justice or Fair Play.
  • How Institutionalized Incompetence has become the new standard of excellence; and lies, deceit, empty promises and lame excuses the currency of the New Republic.

In these and many other subtle ways, one small step at a time, has the United States of America been destroyed, a once great nation, that was the harbor and sanctuary for all those huddled masses yearning to be free...a shining city on a hill...the dream of freedom and equality…

One need only look about with eyes opened by this book to see the evidence of it everywhere. Then, the question is, What are you going to do about it?

"The tragedy is not that things are broken. The tragedy is that they are never mended.” — Kumalo, Cry My Beloved Country, 1948

About the Author

Eric Blair is a noted Orwellian scholar who has tried for decades to warn the public about the sinister plan to subjugate the masses outlined in 1984.

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