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Win with One Punch!




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IKKEN HIATSU-Win with One Punch!

Ikken Hiatsu is the Shotokan Karate principle of “winning with one punch.” Ik-ken is translated from Okinawan to mean “one-punch.” Ik-from “ichi,” number one in Japanese counting from one to ten; and Ken-meaning fist or sword. Hiatsu means victory or success. This strategy is based on the Three Principles of Self-Defense, bearing in mind that Karate was developed on Okinawan with its first tenet being, “Karate is for self-defense ONLY!” *Never take a hit you don’t have to, *Never hit until there is an opening. *When there is an opening, hit!

Hanzo Hattori explains the principle of "winning with one punch" found in Shotokan Karate and the Nine Ways of Prevailing in Ninjitsu.


  • *SEIKEN-Shotokan Reverse Punch
  • *IPPON KUMITE-One Step Practice Drill
  • *TAMIESHIWARA-Board Breaking
  • *ANATOMY-Vital and Fatal Point of the Body
  • AND-Ninja Espionage Techniques
  • *CHIKAIRA NO JITSU-Nine Ways of Prevailing
  • *GEINRYU NO JITSU-A Friend in the Castle Method
  • *YAMABIKO NO JITSU-The Turncoat Betrayal Method
  • *SUIGETSU NO JITSU-The False Flag Method

Neither the Author nor the Publisher assume any responsibility for the use or misuse of the techniques described in this manual.


The hardest part of any battle is getting close enough to the enemy to strike a fatal blow. These are the means by which it may be done. Just as in Shotokan Ikken Hiatsu, you must know how to strike, you must know where to strike, and you must know when to strike.

The Nine Ways of Prevailing represent “no-win” situations in which the Ninja dominates the opposition no matter how they respond or fail to. By these means it is possible to operate successfully in the field and prevail over the enemy. Many of these tactics are used today just as they have been for so many centuries, and adequate defenses have yet to be devised against them.

“The practitioner must have the virtue of Ninniku ( patience ) and Ninpo Ikkan ( consistently flowing with the way of ninpo)..Ninniku and Ninpo Ikkan are the basis for understanding ninpo taijutsu, while Ichi go Ichi e ( one moment, one chance ) is the heart of the Ninja.” To win without throwing a punch...

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