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KUJI KIRI-Science of the Breath

"I cannot describe to you the indescribable, but I can teach you several by no means inconsiderable arts- invisibility, flying without wings, invulnerability to sword or serpent's fang…A man of your determination has but to follow my course of instruction to be certain of success…

From the "Nei Pien of Ko Hung" 320 A.D. Ancient treatise on Alchemy, Medicine and Religion

Many people think that Kuji Kiri meditation practice is a great secret of the Ninja. Others know that it was part of the syllabus used by Jigaro Kano when he established sport Judo. But, the first mention of this magic chant is found in the writings of Ko Hung entitled “Climbing Mountains and Crossing rivers,” as a prayer to the Six Generals, ancient Taoist gods, saying that one must recite this incantation in secret, “May the presiders over warriors be my vanguard!” for protection when traveling.

A translation of Fujita Seiko's (known as the last Koga Ninja) 1962 book on Kuji, the Nine Seals says, “Kuji are a kind of ancient magic spell used to invoke various deities to surround the practitioner with protection and power. Its roots are shrouded in mystery, and it exists in many various incarnations.”

The Practice of Kuji Kiri

Fact is, Kuji Kiri is a meditation exercise that employs breathing techniques to alter the pH of the blood to achieve altered states of consciousness for good health and longevity. Each mudra, finger-knitting pose, connects certain meridians of acupuncture in the fingertips to channel energy to the glands of the endocrine system, each of which is related to a chakra (“energy wheels” in Yoga) that lies along the Tai Chi Pole in the center of the body. The purpose of this is to raise energy from the lower levels to the higher frequencies to attain understanding and longevity.

This practice is a rite of self-initiation into the occult realm of the Ninja, and should not be undertaken lightly. For, once done ‘tis done, there can be no going back.

About Ashida Kim

Ashida Kim is the best selling author of more Ninja books than anyone! He has spent sixty years practicing and training in the Silent Way, and is stil an active martial artist. His exploits have inspired many to practice martial arts and find their own path to understanding and enlightenment. He has traveled the world teaching and sharing his experience with others. He has been honored by many Black Belt Halls of Fame, appeared in several movies, and is a member of the Council of Patriarchs for the Black Dragon Fighting Society. Yet, he remains a man of mystery. He the true Ninja master!

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