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Did you ever wonder why Vampires are real?

Before a bunch of pseudo-psychologists convinced everyone that telling fairy tales made famous by the brothers Grimm to small children was a traumatic event that should be avoided at all costs lest the child be irrevocably damaged, these symbolic parables were used to teach young children about the dangers of the world.

In much the same way, the legends of vampires were born of necessity to explain the darker aspects of sexual domination. Far from being a myth or mere legend, the tales of vampires are true, they do exist. Dracula and his minions are metaphors describing those who would prey on the weak and innocent.


There are:

  • Energy Vampires
  • Psychic Vampires
  • Sexual Vampires
  • And even a few demented souls with Renfield Syndrome who actually want to drink your blood!

Given here is the History, the Meaning, the Cults of Vampire Mythology

The modern definition of sexual vampire is those people who try to establish a sexual relationship at a very shallow level, avoiding any kind of deep or affectionate rapport. They are looking only for the satisfaction of their instinctive desires. They treat their partners as if they were disposable. The real sexual vampire is one who is practicing the Dual Cultivation of Energy, but not telling his companion. Thereby draining her essence and life-force through a process known as Caibu, translated as “Plucking to Nurture." The idea was that a person could greatly increase their cultivation by plundering the vital energies of their partner during sex.

Legend of the Vampires

The word vampire conjures up all sorts of terrifying images of blood sucking bat-creatures draining the blood from helpless young women, but that is not really what the legend is based upon.

Long before Vlad the Impaler was given credit for the creation of vampires because he drank the blood of his slaughtered enemies, long before Bram Stoker invented Dracula, there were vampires who drained the life out of unsuspecting victims. The ancient legends of the incubus and succubus are drawn from these creatures. And, always the monster was possessed of powers and abilities far beyond those of mortal men. Always women swooned at his glance and fell under his spell. Many times he had a harem upon which to feed. But it was not their blood he consumed. It was the Yin essence of their being. For these were evil Chinese Alchemists, magicians of the first order, seeking the Golden Elixir if Immortality, which could best be had by deflowering young virgins. This sacrifice became the ceremonial cornerstone of many secret societies, although by that time the practices had become so corrupted that it often resulted in the death of the victim instead of the symbolic end of virginity and initiation into the mysteries of sex.

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