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Nowadays people tend to put the name Ninja on just about everything, from Ginsu knives to deep fat fryers. It has become a “buzz-word” that implies a level of superiority, implying that the product is good and trustworthy. If people knew the real meaning of the word Ninja, they would be quite shocked, and not so eager to claim their fame. They would understand why even to speak the name was punishable by death in feudal times.

Ninja (because there is no plural form in Japanese) were the most feared spies, assassins, saboteurs, provocateurs, secret agents and masters of espionage in feudal Japan; still are today. They come from the nowhere, they go to the no place, looked for cannot be seen, listened for cannot be heard, felt for cannot be touched, they are the terror that lurks in the night, darkness is their friend, fear is their weapon.

What passes for modern Ninjutsu in America is a milquetoast, watered down, shadow version of the true art, consisting of a few dirty tricks and a lot techniques that are commercially safe, meaning they can be taught without much fear that someone will be hurt.

You want to know what a real Ninja is?

Well, here is one who is willing to step out of the shadows and tell you some of the things he has done. Based on the true life adventures of the Anonymous agent who attended Ashida Kim's Training Camp as spy for a rival clan, and became one of us. A man of utmost integrity and character, with twenty-five years experience as a private military contractor and covert operations, who I am proud to call Ninja and a friend.

It has been my privilege for many years to meet and train with William Nash. I am honored that he found my humble literary works of some value and sought me out. I often say that I do not have students, I have friends with whom I work out. He is one of the masters of our ryu (school/style).

Very little is known about the Kimitake clan or William Nash. That is because we are kakushi gakko 隠し学校, a hidden or closed school. It was only after other Ninja “went public” and broke the Code of Silence (chinmoku no ango 沈黙の暗号) that I began to speak of these matters and reveal some of the secrets of our teachings. Now he has chosen to do the same.

About the Author

Many years ago, Ashida Kim's Training Camp was infiltrated by a spy. Now it can be revealed:

  • Who he was...
  • Why he did it...
  • Who sent him...
  • What he learned...
  • Where he went after...
  • How he lived as a True NINJA!

This is the true story of William Nash. Who came to us as a spy, but learned the real Ninjitsu and became one of our agents, like dozens of others, all over the world. We come from the nowhere, we go to the no place, looked for cannot be seen, listened for cannot be heard, felt for cannot be touched, we are the terror that lurks in the night, darkness is our friend, fear is our weapon, in the Great Game of espionage.

Want to hear the truth in his own words? Exclusive Online Martial Arts Icons Podcast Interview with the Author!

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