Gwai Lo Makes Tea

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"The Art of KUNG FU Tea"  

Gwai Lo is a none too complimentary name given by many Chinese "round eyes," or "foriegn devils," not of Asian ancestry. Many Oriental arts are forbiddento "outsiders." Even among scholars, the Art of KUNG FU Tea is seldom seen in this era. It was, however, an essential part of many martial arts teachings. Kung Fu Tea is a highly concentrated effusion of powerful teas. Virtually the cappacino of the tea world. The Masters drink it from thimble sized cups that are never touched by the hand of the Tea Master, only by his guest. This is not the Japanese Cha no Yu Green Tea ritual, this is far more ancient. Oolong, Black Dragon semi-fermented tea is often used in this water sharing ceremony. The I Ching, the oldest book known to man, over 4000 years old, says, "Poor indeed is the man who cannot share a cup of tea with a fellow traveler along the Way." This is how the fire was built, the water boiled, and the medicinal and social eminities observed. A MUST READ for those seeking to understand the etiquette of martial arts.

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