Way of the Spider

Way of the Spider

By Ashida Kim


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About Way of the Spider

Chinese Martial Arts include many styles and systems based on the movement of animals. Tiger, Crane, Dragon and so on. In Northern Kung Fu there is a system known as Praying Mantis School. And, since these masters were the foundation of pugilism, it is only natural that some schools, like the mystical NINJA should investigate and imitate the actions of animals and insects known to them. Thus was the Spider Style born and developed.


  • Rope and Tree Climbing
  • Using the Silken Thread as a Weapon
  • The Retrievable Stone of the Ninja
  • How to Pick Pockets
  • Spider Sting (Delayed Death Touch)

About Ashida Kim

Ashida Kim is an internationally renowned martial arts expert who teaches and lectures on Ninjitsu, the Invisible Fist, around the world. He is the author of The Invisible Ninja, Iron Body Ninja, Ninja Mind Control, and many other books.

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