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Tai Chi Chuan is the Grand Ultimate Fist of Martial Arts. There are many excellent texts on the forms and various styles. But, Master Ko Hung looks beneath the surface, between the lines, within the words, to demonstrate how each movement can be practiced as an individual exercise, and how it may be applied to interaction with others. In this manner, it can be seen that the "fist" is actually a method of "stepping out of the way" of an attack, as if "dancing" instead of fighting with an opponent. Maintaining peace and harmony without confrontation, through the power of yielding and balance.

Dr. Lao Speaks:

"By moving in harmony with the Force, we learn our place in the universe and the very meaning of life. By opening the channels of energy and allowing them to flow, we perceive the way of nature and no force of man can harm you. Do not meet a wave head-on, avoid it. You do not have to stop force. It is easier to redirect it. Learn more ways to preserve rather than destroy. Avoid rather than check, check rather than strike, strike rather than kill. For all life is precious, nor can any be replaced."

About Dr. Lao

Ko Hung Lao, is a student of Master Li Ch'ing Yuen, a Chinese herbalist who, according to legend, lived to be over 250 years old. He accomplished this amazing feat by performing exercises known as the Longevity Exercise and was quoted as saying the secret of his long life was to, "eat like a bird, walk like a monkey, and sleep like a dog." That he actually lived is a well documented fact in Asian history. He was photographed near the end of his life and a picture of him was presented to Gen. Chiang Kai-shek. The New York Times reported his passing in 1930.

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