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Health and fitness are always worthwhile goals. The work of attaining them may begin at any time, since they require a lifetime of maintenance. The effects are cumulative. They cannot be seen in a single day. Perseverance is required. But, each time these exercises are performed they become easier. After a while, an old injury or minor soreness will feel better. That is a sign they are working. Eventually, they become so natural that you forget how long you have been doing them, and look forward to each time you practice them anew. One day you will look back at how long you have lived and how healthy you feel.


  • The Crane Exercise...
  • The Turtle Exercise...
  • Kindling the Inner Fire...
  • The Inner Journey...
  • Two Hands Uphold the Sky...
  • Beating the Heavenly Drum...

Twelve simple daily exercises to restore good health and promote longevity. What more could one ask?

About Dr. Lao

This is the promise of Ko Hung Lao, student of Master Li Ch'ing Yuen, a Chinese herbalist who, according to legend, lived to be over 250 years old. He accomplished this amazing feat by performing the very exercises given here. That he actually lived is a well documented fact in Asian history. He was photographed near the end of his life and a picture of him was presented to Gen, Chiang Kai-shek. The New York Times reported his passing in 1930. These exercises were already popular in Master Li's time. They are described in many Taoist texts as the Eight Pieces of Brocade.

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