The Amorous Adventures of Ashida Kim

The Amorous Adventures of Ashida Kim

By Ashida Kim


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About The Amorous Adventures of Ashida Kim

The Amorous Adventures of Ashida Kim is the chronicle of his fifth trip to Africa in the service of Yudansha International as an intelligence operative. His "cover story" at that time was being a "bouncer in a brothel." These are the tales of the ladies he met and helped during that turbulent period, that provide a glimpse into how the "real" world works, behind the scenes, inside the secret meetings, and how real warriors behave, regardless of the venue of their employment. As a first person narrative, it also provides a certain degree of insight into the mind of martial arts master and soldier of fortune- Ashida Kim. Rumor had it at one time that this property would be the screenplay for a soon to be released motion picture. Those plans did not materialize because of political considerations. The script, however, is still available.

Violence and sexually explicit material. MUST BE AGE 18 TO ORDER!

About Ashida Kim

Ashida Kim is an internationally renowned martial arts expert who teaches and lectures on Ninjitsu, the Invisible Fist, around the world. He is the author of The Invisible Ninja, Iron Body Ninja, Ninja Mind Control, and many other books.

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