DOJO-First Aid, Resuscitation, and Medical Handbook

The Power to Kill and Restore to Life

Every Sensei is responsible for the safety and welfare of his class. Not only as their Teacher, but as their advisor and role model. It is his duty and responsibility to teach them more than mere brick and board breaking techniques with which to defend themselves should the need arise. Likewise, Sensei and his students are examples of good citizens and leaders in their culture and society and strive always to be of service to others. Sensei should be aware of the common injuries that occur in the normal course of Dojo instruction, bruises, jammed fingers, bloody noses, and such like, as well as conditions that often arise from over zealous or improper training, like shin splints and so on, if by no other means than personal experience gained over a long period of study.

In the event of more serious injuries or incidents beyond the Dojo that may occur, it behooves the wise martial artist to familiarize himself with the rudiments of Emergency Response and First Aid, for his own welfare and that of others who may require his help.

To this end is the Sensei Edition DOJO First Aid, Medical and Resuscitation Handbook dedicated.

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