Weapons Certification

If you have a weapons specialty or award certificates for weapons training, we have a certificate for you!

8.5 x 11 or 11 x 17 Certificates on Parchment or Glossy Card Stock


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This membership certifies that the bearer is a member of the DOJO-Academy of Martial Arts, trained in the art and techniques of the Martial Arts Weapon specified.

The first duty of any martial art is to provide its students with techniques that will allow them to defend themselves, not just from opponents their own size, but from any attacker. Kara-Te is an Okinawan word meaning, "empty hand." To the true martial artist, every finger is a dagger, every hand a sword, every arm a spear with which to defend himself.

To learn the intricacies of these weapons, the martial artist often includes training with them as part of his workout regimen. Nunchaka develop hand-and-eye coordination; Shuriken develop the art of throwing accurately; Swords develop focus and timing; just like hitting the heavy bag or stretching exercises or kata or kumite, ALL contribute details of movement and balance that can ONLY be learned with patience and practice. In China, this is known as "kung fu."

If you have a weapons specialty or award certificates to your students for weapons training or other special skills like tumbling, community service, or outstanding achievement, we have a certificate for you!


Following are some of the Weapons Certifications Available:

  • Samurai Sword; Tai Chi Sword, Kung Fu Sword; Ninja Sword;
  • Bo Staff; Ninja Shinobi-Zue; Three Section Staff; Hanbo; Yawara;
  • Kama; Tonfa; Nunchaka;
  • Knife Fighting; Knife Throwing; Shuriken;
  • Metsubishi-Ko; Cloak and Dagger;
  • Kusari-Gami; Rope Dart; Meteor Hammer;
  • Iron Hand (Board and Brick Breaking);
  • Kuatsu (Judo Resuscitation); Dim Mak (Poison Hand);
  • Custom Designed Certificates for your Weapon of Choice

Teachers have great power. The power to spark imagination and dreams, to help others grow, and grow themselves in the process. They teach skills and ideas that last a lifetime and guide minds, young or old, on a personal quest to change their lives for the better. Thus helping to shape the future by setting a good example and helping others.

There is no more noble cause than this.

If you have a Sensei or teacher you would like to honor, the DOJO Awards program offers the following certifications:

  • Bruce Lee Award
  • Wong Fei Hung Award
  • Ed Parker-Kempo Award
  • Martial Arts Spirit Award
  • Bruce Tegner-Pioneer Award
  • World's Finest Martial Artist Award
  • Custom Designed Awards

Contact DOJO-Academy of Martial Arts to design and produce YOUR Certification and Awards TODAY!

DOJO-Academy of Martial Arts

DOJO-Academy of Martial Arts is an internationally famous martial arts fraternity dedicated to the Fighting and Health Systems of Gung Fu, Tai Chi Chuan, Kempo, Hsing-i, Pa-Kua, Shaolin Temple Boxing, Shotokan, Taekwondo, Hapkido, Isshin-ryu, Shorinji, Gojo, Wado-ryu, Ninjitsu, Jui-Jitsu, Judo, Aikido, Wu Shu, Jeet Kune Do, and American Eclectic Karate. American Home Guard members are also skilled and trained in the Art of Commando Warfare, Survival Skills and Anti-Terrorist Operations.

These Certificates register the individual as a trained Martial Artist with a Permanent Record "on file" with our Martial Arts Fraternity so that their credentials may be validated, verified, or confirmed with our Central Office upon request.

The Awards are a complimentary service initiated so that students might express their gratitude, respect, and admiration for those Sensei who have truly performed above and beyond the normal call of martial arts instruction and achieved a level of skill and understanding that enables them to shine in the eyes of those who come to learn from them. These accolades are not granted lightly nor without sufficient petition and documentation of the individual’s service and contribution. The process is much like that used in military organizations for suggesting commendations, letters of merit, or medals for bravery and valor. The customary procedure is for students of a Dojo to sign the certificate and present it to their Sensei in a formal or informal ceremony.

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