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Drawn from the vast experience of Ninja weapons lore, Sensei Ashida Kim demonstrates the secret training methods used to overcome even the most skilled swordsman of feudal Japan, the Samurai.

This DVD provides a summary of basic sword forms and etiquette of weaponry in simple drills and advanced movements of attack, defense, and concealment found only in the Forbidden Sword Form of the Koga Ninja.

In this single dynamic exercise you will learn:

  • Sword Etiquette-Presentation Bow, Kneeling Iaijitsu, Kamae (Stances)
  • Five Basic Cuts-Ground to Sky, Sky to Ground, Shoulder Cleaving, Belly Cut, Lunge to Throat, Thrust to Heart
  • Iaijitsu (Quick Drawing the Sword)-Bilateral, Horizontal and Vertical Cuts, Chiburi (Slinging Blood Off the Blade)
  • Hsiao Chien Do- Way of the Hidden Sword

One need not be a master to protect oneself with these secret and terrifying Ninja self-defense methods!

Included on this Instructional DVD:

  • Long Sword of the Ninja- History and explanation, Spear and Bayonet Techniques
  • Short Sword- Iaijitsu Quick Draw Techniques, Chiburi and cleaning the Blade
  • Tanto- Hidden Dagger Tricks, Roman Short Sword
  • Kendo Practice- Formal Blocks and Strikes with the Shinai, Free Sparring Drill
  • Batto Jitsu- Formal Cutting Practice, Training and Instruction, Training and Etiquette
  • Secret Ninja Sword Form- Dynamic Cutting Drills, Performance Kata
  • Ninja Sword of the Mind- Swordhand, Spearhand, and Iron Palm Training

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