24 Postures of Supreme Good Health

This video takes you through the 24 Supreme Postures of the Shun Tao Martial Qigong system. The video covers the Qigong postures for the 12 main organs of Traditional Chinese Medicine, each organ having 2 postures for a total of 24. The purpose of the 24 postures is to enhance the health and the Qi power of the practitioner quickly and safely. Each posture shown is very rare and unique to the Shun Tao system.

Traditionally these postures were taught only to the disciple that would become the successor of the system by way of the Grandmaster himself. Because of the complexity and power of the postures they were never to be taught to any of the mainstream students. But now, Grandmaster David Harris once again has simplified the techniques and opened the doors for them to be learned and shared by everyone, so that all people no matter what their level can benefit and grow for this uncommon knowledge of Qigong.

Comments by Grandmaster David Harris on The 24 Supreme Postures of Shun Tao:

"Each individual posture is a clue and stepping stone technique to a much greater power. Through the practice of the 24 Supreme Postures of Shun Tao the practitioner will quickly begin to develop their powers and abilities of healing to a very impressive level, far improving and complementing the levels of any type of energy work. The 24 Supreme postures will enhance and improve the Qigong or Reiki practitioner's ability to perform any tasks of healing they would normally find strenuous of difficult. That is why it is The Easy Way."

Grandmaster David Harris

This DVD/Videotape stands alone in the SHUN TAO series. Much like Tai Chi Chuan, the 24 Postures area method of collecting cultivating and circulating Chi, the vital life-force of the universe. These gentle postures and breathing exercises enable the practitioner to come into harmony with the flow of the universe. Leading to ultimate good health and longevity. Such results are not achieved in a single day. But, such exercises as these have kept generations of Chinese healthy and strong for centuries.

1 hour, Color, DVD Format; $29.95


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