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Practicing any one of these four weapons soon teaches the Student that anything can be used to defend himself. One need not be constantly carrying a sword or any other weapon to protect himself. Just look around! There are pipes and sticks and cans almost everywhere that can be pressed into service if need be. What is important is learning the principles of movement, the Dim Mak target points, and the will and self-confidence to defend yourself. These simple, graceful exercises will teach you that. Like all martial art pracice forms, these forms must be practiced hundreds of times to be executed with fluidity, strength, and precision.

On the Instructional DVD

Grandmaster Lawrence Day demonstrates the principles and application of:

  • The devastating self-defense applications of the Black Dragon Deadly Cane Form. Each movement, block and strike flows smoothly from one to the next, as Dr. Day indicates where on the opponent's anatomy the impact will fall. With his great knowledge of Dim Mak and points out exactly where to strike for maximum effect.
  • Second is the Tai Chi War Fan, a unique weapon, unrecognized in most parts of the world. The nobility of ancient China were fond of ostentatious affectations like cooling themselves with large fans. Being a military culture, they naturally developed a system of fighting using this implement of destruction to block or deflect incoming blows from the enemy. And, strike back at him with the metal ribs, sometimes sharpened at the tips, slashing and impaling him to death in short order. This Fan Form is from the Yang Tai Chi Style.
  • Third is the Tai Chi Broadsword. This weapon was the standard for the ancient Chinese army. It is still taught today so that one can learn balance and self-control, as well as the applications of combat cutting and slashing with the machete-like blade.
  • Fourth is the Tai Chi Sabre, a long straight sword with a flexible blade. Completely unlike the Broadsword which can be used for hacking and chopping by the untrained, the Sabre requires a delicate touch. In this demonstration, Grandmaster Day illustrates the graceful movements of the Sabre, as well as the method of using it to defend oneself.

About Grandmaster Lawrence Day

USMA Hall of Fame member Grandmaster Dr. Lawrence Day began his Martial Arts journey with the Black Dragon Fighting Society under Count Dante (whose real name was Grandmaster John Keehan) in Chicago. Dr. Day is one of the original Black Dragons that studied under Grandmaster Count Dante and Grandmaster Doug Dwyer and has been a Black Dragon Fighting Society member from the mid 60's to present day. He has also studied with Grandmaster Senzo Tanaka and was awarded the title 34th Generation Shaolin Monk. Among his students is the legendary Frank Dux of Bloodsport fame. In the movie, Dux proves he is a member of the Black Dragon Fighting Society by breaking the bottom brick in a stack of five. This technique is known as the Tibetan Burning Palm and was taught to Hanshi Dux by Grandmaster Day.

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