Knife Fighting and Close Quarters Weaponry




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This forty minute DVD contains the fundamental Ninja knife skills as taught within the Triadic Martial Arts Institute. Packed full of information containing all the basic strikes, slashes and cuts of the Tanto.

On the Instructional DVD

Soke of Makoto Kinjo Ryu Michael Robinson Presents:

  • Knife vs. Unarmed Opponent
  • Knife vs. Knife
  • Knife vs. Sword
  • Knife vs. Stick
  • And Much More...

These techniques are a small part of the curriculum for training at the Triadic Martial Arts Institute.

Triadic Martial Arts Institute


Along with the practice drills and application, this instructional DVD also contains Kali influenced skills with tools such as the Balisong and Krambit as well. Also included is a special section featuring Tamieshigiri, test cutting! Let's not forget the close quarters weapon section covering the Ninja tools such as the Shobo and Shuriken grapplings skills that are often overlooked! Students learning from this course are eligible to receive a basic knife skills diploma from Soke Michael Robinson of the Makoto Kinjo Ryu.

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