Prevailing Against Bullies!




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In this EXCLUSIVE Instructional DVD Soke Jay Blanton and Master Robert Blanton share some of the techniques that have served Grandmaster Jay so well for so many years, all of which are suitable for children to use in the schoolyard or the elderly and handicapped to use in self-defense on the street. Never walk alone again. Arm yourself with the martial arts skills that can discourage any bully and may even save your life!


Over an over again Grandmaster Blanton relates how bullies would torment him, knocking him into school lockers, kicking his books down the hall, slamming him off his new bicycle onto the pavement. And, every time he would minimize it and try to cover it up. But, every time, his parents or some school teacher would find out about it and demand to know the truth and offer to make it right for him. And, always he told them not to interfere, that would only make it worse. Sure enough, every time they stood up for him, it got worse. Until he learned martial arts. Then as he described it, “When some of the kids in school found out I was taking Karate, they wanted to try me out. Once I showed them I could take care of myself, they never bothered me again.”

About Grandmaster Jay Blanton

Soke Jay Blanton is a registered member of MAAB-Martial Artists Against Bullying and Director of the Black Dragon Fighting Society Anti-Bullying Program. He and his Mang Ho Anti-Bullying Team are available for Seminars and Self-Defense courses at your venue or private lessons. Contact at the Mang Ho FACEBOOK Pagefor details.

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