DOJO-First Aid And Resuscitation Volume One

    DOJO-Academy of Martial Arts presents the prescribed course and syllabus of study leading to Black Belt graduation in Kuatsu, the Power to Kill and Restore to Life...

Basic and Advanced Patient Assessment
Artificial Respiration
Kuatsu Revivification Methods
Fetal Recovery Position
Solo and Two-Man CPR
Atemi-Waza/Dim Mak Death Blows
Japanese Sleeperhold
Basic First Aid
Common and Advanced Dojo Injuries
Diagnosis and Treatment of Pre-Existing Conditions
The Seven Requirements of Proficiency
Mind Gate Methods Psychological Techniques

      Sensei James Daugherty, Black Belt 3rd Degree, Pole Star School of Martial Arts, a Certified Instructor of the DOJO Academy Staff demonstrates and explains each technique from the most basic aspects of patient assessment to advanced revivification methods.
      Most applicants for graduation do not perform all of these techniques for evaluation. But, this presentation is so complete it serves perfectly as a visual guide to accompany the material given in the DOJO Medical Manual-Sensei Edition. And beyond, as an instructional guide to a wide variety of basic and advanced medical techniques.
      Volume One of this set includes lethal Dim Mak strikes guaranteed to kill, cripple or maim any attacker without years of grueling practice or demeaning servitude. It also provides instruction in the Japanese Sleeperhold as well as diagnosis and treatment of more common Dojo injuries.
      If you want a “real” Black Belt, then you must know how to heal as well as injure. If you learn even half this material, you will be a skilled martial artist and qualified for medical rank and certification.


70 minutes; DVD Format; $29.95

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