Black Dragon Kendo Ki

        Shihan Ernie Reynolds

This volume contains a compilation of the syllabus of the classes taught in Kendo as taught by Shihan Ernie Reynolds, and American Iaido as founded by Shihan Ernie Reynolds, Soke. This text was originally used as a manual to be followed along with in class, and will in many ways reflect this. Also, some of the Iaido katas may seem a little bit overly descriptive, especially if you’re already a master swordsman, or if you’ve already learned them from the video. But keep in mind that these were written to help all ranges of skill, especially the brand new student who has never picked up a sword before. Sometimes they need it to be “overly” detailed. Also, many of the vocabulary words have been italicized to help them to be easier to find. None of us were born knowing how to do any of this. It takes years of dedication and practice to so much as gain a good base in these or any other martial arts. This is not some weekend warrior class to get a quick certificate and feel special, it is a lifetime journey. And even if you are a master already, it’s important to never forget where you came from.

Kendo-Ki is a path to life-long personal improvement and through your dedicated keiko (practice), you will acquire much more than a martial skill. Kendo and Iaido will mold your mind as well as your body. They will cultivate you in a sense of personal accomplishment as well as a vigorous fighting spirit. Through correct and rigid training, coupled with a singleness of mind, the “Way of the Sword” (Kend-do) will improve your life in ways you cannot yet imagine. You will learn the importance of etiquette, to associate with others with sincerity, and to hold in high esteem human courtesy and honor.

It may also help the aspirant in the art of the sword immensely to understand the Iaido katas contained in this volume if they were to aquire the video created by Shihan Reynolds, showing greater detail, and proper form in action. It is available for purchase on the same website that this book is found on.

115 pages; 6 x 9 perfect bound; text and illustrations

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