"Ninja have no masters, but they do have mentors..."




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When Ashida Kim mysteriously appeared on the Ninja scene in the eighties, there were many questions about his training, lineage, skill, techniques and such like by critics and naysayers who were trying to monopolize the martial arts industry with deceptive and illegal business practices. Nor was Kim the only one they went after. Kim was often challenged to produce even one of his teachers to prove he had actually trained in Ninjitsu. He always replied that he had learned it in the Army.

This is the de-classified story of that experience. Ashida Kim reveals here, for the first time ever in print, the history and secret techniques of the Silent Way he was taught by the Guru.

These are the Lessons GURU taught Ashida KIm

Far beyond what was expected:

  • Stealth Techniques and Secret Weapons
  • Kata and Drills and Calesthenics
  • How to Build a Fire in the Wilderness
  • How to Find Clean Water
  • How to Fight or Disappear
  • Eight Pieces of Brocade
  • Meridians of Acupuncture (Before they were known in the West)
  • Dim Mak, Pa-kua, Hsing-i (Arts no one had ever heard of at that time)
  • Science of the Breath and Meditation
  • The Solo Seven Longevity Exercises
  • ALL, in less than a year...

These skills enabled Kim to prosper as a Genin, free-lance Ninja agent, and write more than fifty books on the subject. Many of which have become classics.

Return with us now to those days of yesteryear and meet the man who made it all possible. The hidden mentor of Ashida Kim, who has only recently allowed this book to be written and his story to be revealed.


Due to the phenomenal success of GURU and the Ninja and calls for more tales and exercises of Ashida Kim's hidden teacher- DOJO Press has released a second biographical excerpt of his life...

In GURU was a Gambler, is told the legend of Guru's teacher and the advanced training he received in Hatha and Ashtanga Yoga. How to collect, cultivate, and circulate Qi the mysterious life-force that surrounds, penetrates and is within all things. And, more tales of his early days in New York and his first Tai Chi Sifu. But, the real lesson of this chronicle is self-knowledge.

Do you have the courage to test yourself? Are you worthy to look in the Book of Enlightenment and face the truth? Life is the Great Game, are you playing or watching?

Read the Book-Get The DVD-GURU The 17 Longevity Exercises $29.95

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