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Only the female Ninja of feudal Japan were capable of matching wits with their masculine Ninja counterparts. Now the advanced techniques of Kunoichi-no-Jitsu can teach you to meet and over come even a larger, stronger adversary. Here are the tactics and maneuvers, deceit and strategy, and how to use them to your advantage. Attack the most vulnerable and vital parts of the body for instant results. Escape from any hold. Entice and destroy using the exotic weapons of this feminine but deadly sisterhood– the innocuous fan or the simple sash. Perhaps a cleverly concealed sleeve arrow or sharpened metal fingertips. The ultimate in subtle self defense. Excellent for Self Defense, simple and easy to understand. You can't afford to be without this information in today's turbulent and violent society.

In ancient times such women trained together to be spies and assassins of the Ninja. They used every devious trick they could think of to help defend their homes and families and shared equally in the victories of their clan.

In modern times we teach these methods of self-defense to empower people, men and women, so they no longer need walk in fear or be abused. You can fight back. You can win! You can break the cycle of violence that enslaves us all. What is required is the Will. Practicing these techniques will develop that. Even if you only read the Training Manual once, you will be empowered with the knowledge of how to fight and survive!

The first duty of any martial art is to provide its students with techniques that will allow them to defend themselves, not just from opponents their own size, but from any attacker. For this purpose, the Ninja have a simple and effective method-run away!

But, if you cannot run away. If every avenue of escape has been cut off. If you are trapped and must fight back. Only then are you permitted to use the secret techniques of the Ninja. For only then will you truly be acting in self-defense. There is no doubt you will win. And, it will be in your hands whether the opponent lives or dies. This is the principle of Ikken Hiatsu, winning with one technique.

This certificate states that the bearer is trained in the Art of Self-Defense and is a registered member of the DOJO-Academy of Martial Arts, "on file" with our Martial Arts Fraternity so that his or her credentials may be validated, verified, or confirmed with our Central Office upon request, capable of doing just that!


"Kill or Be Killed..."

Rape is not a crime of passion, it is an act of violent domination intended to break the spirit of the victim. Even if you survive, your life will never be the same. Either you will be psychologically traumatized by the forced sexual encounter and subsequent brutalization, or you will feel guilty because you had to defend yourself and kill the rapist to stop him.

It is far better to choose the latter course because even with the burden of knowing you have taken a life you will be empowered and alive. If you let the rapist win, he will be empowered and continue his mindless rampage against others.

The taking of a life does no one honor, but there are some mad dogs that cannot be allowed to live in a civilized world. Most people will never have an encounter where they must engage in a life-or-death struggle. They are lucky.

If you must fight, do your worst. Forget all the rules of fair play and any hope of rescue.






For certainly, you would receive none from a rapist.

Ninjitsu is not about fighting. It is about self-improvement, about becoming a better person every day so we can help others. To do that, we must survive. It takes two people to make a fight. If you refuse to fight, there is no war. To accomplish this the Ninja teach three basic skills: Throwing Sand in the Enemy’s Eyes so that you become Invisible; the Japanese Sleeperhold that can render an opponent unconscious; and the power to Restore him to Life.

DOJO-Academy of Martial Arts

Our fellowship exists as a confederation of independent agents for the purpose of preserving, practicing, studying, and teaching the Martial Arts. To qualify for membership, an applicant must present previous certification of rank in recognized fighting system. Or, test in person before a panel of qualified DOJO Instructors for graduation. In the 21st century we have included videotesting as an alternative method. We welcome and salute all martial artists from all styles and systems and invite them to join us in the great work of sharing this knowledge with others.

Ninjitsu is the only non-violent martial art known to man. We don’t want to hurt anyone. But, neither we will allow anyone harm us or those we love and have sworn to protect. We don’t want to be kings or masters. We only want to practice our art and enjoy our lives. But, we will not tolerate oppression, slavery or bigotry. We have always fought against injustice and crime. By these means are the Ninja empowered to prevail against any opponent, regardless of size, physical strength or even superior numbers. Now you too can learn the secrets and have the legendary power of the Ninja, learn how to fight or disappear!

You will receive:

  • FIGHT BACK! Self-Defense Handbook;
  • Certificate of Completion for the American Home Guard Women's Self-Defense Course

  • Official DOJO-Academy of Martial Arts ID Card;
  • DOJO Members Handbook;

Specify Name Spelling, Certificate Size (8.5 x 11 inches or 11 x 17 inches) and any Special Endorsements you may wish to have included to: Dojo-Academy of Martial Arts

You will never be the same again. You will be empowered, so that you can stand up for yourself and do the right thing. So you can help others and set a good example for all.

All our memberships include the DOJO-Academy of Martial Arts Official ID Card and Membership Handbook signed by Ashida Kim, Director of Training and Operations for the Hai Lung Ryu, which recognizes the Bearer as a Certified Martial Artist of Specified Rank, authorized to carry exotic weapons and possess restricted information. In some countries, like the UK and Australia, such proof of membership and a Dojo affiliation are required just to buy practice weapons for training purposes, much less for self-defense!

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