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Many highly skilled Martial Artists are lost due the “politics” of Karate or Gung Fu schools. And many people are well trained and effective fighters based on Military Combat Training or even techniques learned from “outlaw” teachers who share what they have learned with but a few and may not provide certification. This membership provides instruction in Mugei-Mumei no Jitsu, THE 21st Century Martial Art which can be learned in a day but may take a lifetime to perfect. Includes advanced levels of training in the Invisible Fist and graduation through video testing for greater or equivalent rank. This certificate displays the Mugei-Mumei no Jitsu seal and Ninja kanji that identify the bearer as trained and skilled in Metsubishi-Ko (sight removing devices); Shime-Waza (Ninja Sleeperhold); Kuatsu (Resuscitation); and includes the secret of How To Break A Brick With Your Bare Hand. To “prove” you have the power of life and death. This membership Registers the individual as a trained martial artist "on file" with our Fraternity so that his or her credentials may be validated, verified, or confirmed with our Central Office upon request. The Certificate issued recognizes the bearer as a SELF DEFENSE EXPERT IN HAND-TO-HAND COMBAT (Black Belt Equivalent 1st Degree) For uncertified or unranked martial artists, this is a pre-requisite for obtaining Teaching Certification. This is also the Membership for the Street-Fighter, Security Guard or Military trained personnel. It requires no previous credentials. It gives credit for life experience in the School of Hard Knocks. Pugilism refers not only to Boxing, but to all forms of Self-Defense. Monkey Wrench is as valid a weapon as any Kung Fu Cudgel. Tire Iron or Motorcycle Chain is the same as a Chinese Steel Whip in application and deployment. Old men often carry canes and are skilled in using them as weapons. All real martial artists know, “It’s not the size of the dog in the fight that determines the winner. It’s the size of the fight in the dog.” That’s why they don’t go around picking fights with strangers. Anyone might be a “boxer in disguise,” just waiting for an opportunity to show off or teach somebody a lesson or just ventilate a little anger. Especially if they don’t go around bragging about their exploits. Thus, they earn the badge of the Mystery Schools of ancient Tibet. Men of peace, humble as the dust; who can fight like ten tigers.

You will receive: 8 ½ x 11 Parchment Certificate of Rank and Membership; DOJO ID Card certifying you as a Registered Martial Artist authorized to carry exotic weapons and possess secret information; includes Certificate of Membership in the Underground Pugilists of America and Black Belt Simplified Manual

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