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"If you ever served in the United States Military and were trained in even the most basic Hand-to-Hand Combat techniques, you deserve a certificate that says so. In today's world self-defense is not an option, it is a necessity. It doesn't take much, one good punch. You would be surprised at how much you remember when you need it, and you need it now, to defend your family, your home, your nation.

This document certifies that the named bearer is a registered member in good standing of our most ancient and honorable Martial Arts Fraternity." Specify Name, Rank, and Style to be designated on your Official Membership Certification and placed in your Permanent Record with our Fellowship. If you wish, include a photo and copies of any previous certificates you want kept on file to validate your credentials. It is fine to study and earn the coveted Black Belt of martial arts skill. But, many self taught or military trained martial artists who are worthy of this rank are not certified for want of paying never ending dues to some absentee grandmaster or not having attended some traditional facility.


Once again the world is at war. It has been called the “first war of the 21st century.” We say, let it be the last war man will ever fight.

We, the members of the American Home Guard, hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that human beings have value and worth, that the individual is free to choose among a great variety of techniques and belief systems and select the one best suited for himself without cause for rancor or recrimination from anyone, and to change it and try another if he is not satisfied. There are no masters, nor slaves, only human beings.

And, in order to from a more perfect union, provide for the public welfare, defend the greatest nation on earth from all enemies foreign and domestic, and secure the blessings of liberty, peace, justice, equality and fraternity for ourselves and our posterity, do ordain and establish the American Home Guard in the name of freedom and democracy.

Those wishing to form independent American Home Guard Units should wear an American Flag Patch or Flash. The official uniform of each unit, should they choose to have one, should be determined by the Democratic Process in accordance with Robert’s Rules of Order, the long time standard for informal meetings and discussion, and should be appropriate for public display. We encourage all Citizens of the United States of America to wear an American Flag patch on their jacket or outer coat as a symbol of support and unity for this, our most noble cause and country.

We encourage all Citizens of the United States of America to demonstrate their patriotism by supporting law enforcement and reporting suspicious activity to the appropriate authorities. Even if nothing is done. Even if you are persecuted for “whistle-blowing” to reveal a threat. If you SEE something-SAY something!

We believe that one man in the right place at the right time can affect the course of history.

We believe that such men, and women, need not be highly or specially trained, though many are; nor that they need be motivated by propaganda and religious or patriotic zeal. But rather that they arise spontaneously in times of need as a necessary part of the inevitable cycle of change. These are such times. You are such heroes.

You Will Receive:

Specify Name Spelling, Rank, Style, Certificate Size (8.5 x 11 inches or 11 x 17 inches) and any Special Endorsements you may wish to have included to: Dojo-Academy of Martial Arts

We recognize that all martial arts are valid in their own way and that it is the life experience of the student that makes them worthy of recognition. Certification in your chosen style of fighting art can also be awarded upon presentation of previous credentials at Black Belt level or above. Video Testing is available as part of the fee if necessary, and will be evaluated by recognized instructors and sanctioned in any school or freestyle method designated by the applicant. Prior certification or documentation eliminates the videotesting requirement. Qualified Military Hand-to-Hand Combat or Self-Defense Experts are eligible for this Certificate. No additional training required. Get credit for what you already know.

If you already have certification in your Chosen Style and wish to test for higher graduation, our Martial Arts Fraternity has among its membership experts from almost every style and system known to man who can review your Video Test or other credentials and evaluate your performance for membership or promotion to a greater rank. Martial artists often lose their certifications when moving or do not save them along the Warrior Path. Sometimes, no certificates are awarded by their teachers or the schools they attended. This document resolves those issues by serving as a replacement for lost, stolen, or destroyed documents and as confirmation of previous rank. Display your credentials proudly. All of our certificates are fine artwork, history, and tradition, suitable for framing, that can be yours for the asking.

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