The Easy Way to Martial Arts Mastery

Grandmaster DAVID HARRIS

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About This Series

This DVD SHUN TAO series by Grandmaster David Harris which was originally sold as a single videotape under the title "The INVINCIBLE HOUR." It was so successful, however, that the Immortal Champions Dojo expanded the program into the current Seven Volume Set plus the 24 Therapeutic Postures of good health and longevity. The basic techniques of these ancient and secret training techniques should be mastered before the advanced methods are attempted. But, the techniques from any one of this set will enable you to stand head and shoulders above your former level of training.

Learn the secret Kung Fu exercises that will make you,
Invulnerable to serpent’s fang or tiger’s claw…
Invincible in combat…
Immortal champion of light and justice…

"These techniques were once widely known, then forbidden. Now it is time to share them with you again. It doesn’t take years of training or pain. Just a few basic steps. Anyone can do them. It’s as simple as that…” — Grandmaster David Harris

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