SON of Sucker Punch

        By "Shorty" Hofnagel, Jr.

Once again, “Shorty” Hofnagel, Master and leading exponent of the subtle art of Sucker Punching, brings to you, the defenseless reading public, the forbidden fighting techniques that have enabled him to survive numerous encounters with foes and adversaries many times his own size and number. Filled with the wry humor that has made him famous, the author reveals the secrets of hidden weapons that can even the odds and make victory a certainty against any attacker, regardless of size, physical strength, or superior numbers. Not only does he teach the methods of applying these simple yet effective tricks of the trade, but also the means whereby such implements of destruction can be hidden and manufactured by anyone of reasonable intelligence.

Subjects include: Selecting the Battlefield, ways of making the victim come to the Sucker Puncher who, being in complete control of the conflict, like any wise General, has the option of choosing when and where to make a stand. Improvised Weapons, chosen for their devastating ability to render an opponent unconscious and readily available from common items around us every day. Hidden Weapons, how to conceal them, how to use them. Fabricated Weapons, for the Sucker Puncher who chooses to be forewarned and forearmed. And the fundamental credo and philosophy necessary for anyone to become a master of the Sucker Punch System.

Like they say in professional football, "When your down to the last few minutes of the game, and behind by more than three touchdowns on the scoreboard, and you've bet the farm on the outcome, there's only one thing to do- "Take out the referee!" A must for collectors, wimps, nerds, and crusader rabbits worldwide.

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