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Tiger's World of Martial Arts

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Randy Couture, Current NHB/Mixed Martial Art Champion and Berto in Japan, judging PRIDE Tournament March 2001.
Berto with mentor and trainer Karl Gaotch, the inventor of Japanese ShootFighting, the only fighter who never lost a match.
Berto with Brazilian Muay Thai and MMA Champion Pelé and Gilbert Ivel, Best MMA from Holland, in Japan judging PRIDE Grand Prix, December 2000.

Tiger's World of Martial Arts

Dieuseul Berto is a pioneer of the professional martial arts, trained in Karate, Boxing, and Wrestling, he has competed and won in Ultimate Fighting Matches in Japan, South America, and the USA that are illegal in twelve states. "Most fights have one or two stand-up techniques and end up on the mat. In this system you are taught to apply arm, neck, and leg locks until the opponent surrenders or suffers a broken bone. Standing, sitting, on the mat, makes no difference."

Sensei Berto teaches at Tiger's World of Martial Arts, 302 6th St SE, Winter Haven FL 33880; (863)299-3661 and is contracted by Grandmaster Fujiwara, well known and respected promoter of professional martial artists, to host and train Japanese Shootfighters for televised matches overseas and has graciously agreed to offer his Thirty Day Training Program to other interested students willing to learn from the best in order to become the best.


Submission Wrestling Holds, Locks, and Takedowns
Pressure Points of Dim Mak
  • How to Find Them
  • How to Cause Pain
  • How to Paralyze
Dirty Tricks of Boxing
  • Head Butting
  • Shin Kicking
  • Elbow Strikes
Wrestling Holds
  • Neck Breakers
  • Stomach Pressing
  • Submission Holds
Ju-Jitsu Mat work
  • Defensive Guard
  • Mounted Position
  • Escapes & Reversals


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