NINJA Membership

This membership certifies that the bearer is a member of the Covert Ninja Brotherhood, trained in the art of the Invisible Fist and is a registered member of the DOJO-Academy of Martial Arts.

In feudal Japan, the Ninja were mercenaries, trained in the martial arts, espionage and assassination. Ninjitsu, their mysterious and secret system of fighting, was developed for a single purpose-to prevail over any enemy. Based on Sun Tzu’s military classic The Art of War this deadly art enabled the peasants of Iga and Koga prefectures to live a calm and peaceful life, outside the restrictions and oppression of ancient warlords and bandits until 1520 a.d. when the Shogun Tokagawa outlawed the practice and sent an army of 20,000 men to destroy the Ninja clans.

They were driven from the battlefield. Many perished or were captured and put to death. But, the Art of Invisibility was not lost. It merely vanished. Hidden from sight in mystery schools all over the world, it survived and was handed down from one generation to the next. The Secrets of the Ninja lived on, constantly growing and evolving, transforming itself from a dark art of death into Budo, a way of enlightenment.

The first duty of any martial art is to provide its students with techniques that will allow them to defend themselves, not just from opponents their own size, but from any attacker. For this purpose, the Ninja have a simple and effective method-run away!

But, if you cannot run away. If every avenue of escape has been cut off. If you are trapped and must fight back. Only then are you permitted to use the secret techniques of the Ninja. For only then will you truly be acting in self-defense. There is no doubt you will win. And, it will be in your hands whether the opponent lives or dies. This is the principle of Ikken Hiatsu, winning with one technique.

Ninjitsu is not about fighting. It is about self-improvement, about becoming a better person every day so we can help others. To do that, we must survive. It takes two people to make a fight. If you refuse to fight, there is no war. To accomplish this the Ninja teach three basic skills: Throwing Sand in the Enemy’s Eyes so that you become Invisible; the Japanese Sleeperhold that can render an opponent unconscious; and the power to Restore him to Life. By these means are the Ninja empowered to prevail against any opponent, regardless of size, physical strength or even superior numbers. Now you too can learn the secrets and have the legendary power of the Ninja, men who could fight or disappear!

This membership provides instruction in Mugei-Mumei no Jitsu, THE 21st Century Martial Art that can be learned in a single day but may take a lifetime to perfect. It includes advanced levels of training in the Invisible Fist and graduation through video testing for greater or equivalent rank. This certificate displays the Mugei-Mumei no Jitsu seal and Ninja kanji that identify the bearer as trained and skilled in Metsubishi-Ko (sight removing devices); Shime-Waza (Ninja Sleeperhold); Kuatsu (Resuscitation); and includes the secret of How To Break A Brick With Your Bare Hand. To “prove” you have the power of life and death. This membership Registers the individual as a trained martial artist "on file" with our Martial Arts Fraternity so that his or her credentials may be validated, verified, or confirmed with our Central Office upon request.

Ninjitsu is the only non-violent martial art known to man. We don’t want to hurt anyone. But, neither we will allow anyone harm us or those we love and have sworn to protect. We don’t want to be kings or masters. We only want to practice our art and enjoy our lives. But, we will not tolerate oppression, slavery or bigotry. We have always fought against injustice and crime. We have always been among you. Watching and waiting, down through the centuries, until it was time for Way to be made clear. Now you too can become part of this most ancient and honorable tradition. Men of peace, humble as the dust; who can fight like ten tigers. Be one of the Few, the Chosen, the Ninja...

You will receive: DOJO Membership Handbook; DOJO ID Card; “No Name, No Art” Training Manual; and Certificate of Membership in the Covert Ninja Brotherhood of Silent Way at the rank of Genin, Black Belt Equivalent 1st Degree. You will become one of Ashida Kim's Agents, like dozens of others, all over the world. You will be empowered, so that you can stand up for yourself and do the right thing. So you can help others and set a good example for all.

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PLUS! All our memberships include the DOJO-Academy of Martial Arts Official ID Card and Membership Handbook signed by Ashida Kim, Director of Training and Operations for the Hai Lung Ryu, which recognizes the Bearer as a Certified Martial Artist of Specified Rank, authorized to carry exotic weapons and possess restricted information. In some countries, like the UK and Australia, such proof of membership and a Dojo affiliation are required just to buy practice weapons for training purposes, much less for self-defense!


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