Small Unit Tactics

Heroes do not set out to be heroes. They appear when the need arises.And, the need has come…

If you are required by time and circumstance to employ the methods in this book, you can expect no help from any quarter. The situation will be desperate.

YOU may be the only hope.

This AMERICAN HOMEGUARD Training Manual is a workable blueprint for effective individual or community resistance in the face of an enemy invasion or an imminent terrorist threat.  Topics include: The Cover Story; Close Order Drill; Small Unit Tactics; Battle Formations; The Art of War; and Know your Enemy.

We encourage all HomeGuard members to reproduce this booklet and share with others. To keep it safely hidden in the event of an enemy invasion and occupation. And to destroy it before letting it fall into enemy hands.


911 Ninja Counter-Terror Ops

911-01 Know Your Enemy

911-1 Never Forget

911-2 Killer Commando Techniques

911-3 Black Ops

911-4 We Can Make You Talk

911-5 Homeland Shield Sword and Spear

911-6 Small Unit Tactics

Since September 12th, 2001, the American HomeGuard has been gathering, preparing for the inevitable conflict that will come. When the People must fight to defend their Homeland. Writing these books, training, assembling our resources, forming special units, to be ready.

And, now we are.

Publishing these handbooks is our way of letting you know we are out there, watching, waiting, making sure that things don’t get too bad. And inviting you to join us in this, the great challenge of our time.

To save the Free World from fanatics who want to drag mankind back to the 13th century and install themselves as the overlords of the Earth.

We will not let that happen. If you want to join us know that you are not alone, know that we are with you.

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Once again the world is at war.

It has been called the “first war of the 21st century.” We say, let it be the last war man will ever fight.

There may even come a time when we, the People, must defend our Homeland by primitive force of arms from the invading terrorists that attacked so mercilessly on September 11, 2001.

If that day should come, it would be wise to know a few of these principles of organizing underground resistance units. The training and procedures found here are simple and basic, but will accomplish the purpose of raising an army in the field if need be.

The second most important thing an American citizen can do to resist is gather intelligence about the enemy so that he can be overcome and driven from the Homeland. Given here are the techniques for forming such HomeGuard Resistance Units.