Chapter 9

This AMERICAN HOMEGUARD Handbook is taken from Chapter Nine of an urban terrorist training manual. The entire 700 page book is available free online, complete with chapters on how to "spike" trees, cut down and pull over billboards and similar "malicious mischief" designed to "bring down the corporate machine that is raping the planet."

   The publishers in no way endorse this crusade. In fact, we consider it to be as misguided as the mindless Jihadists who attacked our country on 9/11. Both, no doubt, feel their cause is just and that they alone are capable and motivated enough to carry it out. That the "system doesn't work" and that they are disenfranchised without the possibility of vertical mobility in their society or the world except by violence or covert action. Terrorism is always an act of desperation.

    We present this excerpt from the total confabulation as an intellectual exercise by comparing it to similar "terrorist training manuals" like that published by Patriot Press under the title Know Your Enemy. To that end, we have deleted the political rhethoric that fill such indoctrinational texts to inspire the faithful, leaving us with the techniques and construction of the syllabus for comparison and contrast.

    It is not our intent to teach anyone the tactics of these misguided groups. Only to present these "tricks" of their recruitment and training procedures to provide some insight into their motivation so that members of the American HomeGuard will be familiar with the methods used by our enemies, and, through that understanding, become invulnerable to them.

Included in this American Home Guard Manual
Basic Security
Pursuit and Evasion
Disposing of Evidence
And much more...

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