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Improvised Weapons

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To survive, the soldier must be able to deal with any situation that develops. His ability to adapt any nearby object for use as a weapon in a win-or-die situation is limited only by his ingenuity and resourcefulness. Possible weapons, although not discussed herein, include ink pens or pencils; canteens tied to a string to be swung; snap links at the end of sections of rope; kevlar helmets; sand, rocks or liquids thrown into the enemy’s eyes; or radio antennas. The following techniques demonstrate a few expedient weapons that are readily available to most soldiers for defense and counter-attack against the bayonet and rifle with fixed bayonet.


About This Book

Presented here are the relevant techniques from U.S. Army Field Manual #21-150 © 1992 The Training Manual from which these techniques were extracted is “Approved for public release, distribution is unlimited.” It is therefore within the purview of the American Homeguard to compile this Manual for historical reference and graduation in self-defense.

Our Mission

The purpose of this American Homeguard Training Manual is to provide the unarmed Citizen with improvised weapons that can be used for self-defense against armed and unarmed opponents.

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