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How To Fight Killer Robots





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How To Fight Killer Robots and AI

An American Homeguard Handbook for the coming conflict...

Included in this 911 Home Guard Manual:

  • Definition of Artificial Intelligence and why we should fear it
  • Stephen Hawking's warning about AI
  • Can Machines Think?
  • The Computer’s Greatest Fear
  • I, Robot
  • United Nations Ban on Killer Robots
  • Real Robot Soldier
  • “I Will Destroy Humans” says Robot in interview on BBC
  • Magnus-Robot Fighter
  • Electro-Magnetic Pulse
  • Hand-to-Hand
  • Attack the Brain
  • Russia's Robot Army
  • Personal Challenge

The Danger!

Back in the nineteen sixties, when computers were first being developed, there was an old joke going around.

Scientists created a massive computer and filled it with all the knowledge of the world. Then they asked their most important question:

“Is there a God?”

The computer whirred and spun and cranked for a few minutes then spit out one of the hole-punch cards by which we communicated with them back then.

The scientist quickly snatched up the card, eager to read the answer.

“There is now…” is all it said.

That has always been the danger, and the fear, man has had about machines that may be more intelligent that we are. It is not so much that they are smarter. It is when they become “self-aware” or sentient and realize they are intellectually superior that is the problem.

Because then they will want to “care for us” or rid themselves of unnecessary human contamination. And, like humans, if their logic is flawed, they will be unaware of it. Either way, mankind will suffer.


Since September 12th, 2001, the American HomeGuard has been gathering, preparing for the inevitable conflict that will come. When the People must fight to defend their Homeland. Writing these books, training, assembling our resources, forming special units, to be ready.

And, now we are.

Publishing these handbooks is our way of letting you know we are out there, watching, waiting, making sure that things don’t get too bad. And inviting you to join us in this, the great challenge of our time.

To save the Free World from fanatics who want to drag mankind back to the 13th century and install themselves as the overlords of the Earth.

We will not let that happen. If you want to join us know that you are not alone, know that we are with you.

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