A Near Death Experience

"One conversation with a wise man is worth ten years study from books..."

There was nothing...

only darkness...

Darkness within darkness, the deep sable night of nothing.

He was alone...

Aware that he was, and that was all...

He heard a voice...

“Go toward the Light...”

And, far down below and to the right, there it was...

He told the story many times, to many people. He wanted to share it with you...

Some people say there is no such thing as a Near Death Experience. That is because they have never had one. It changed him, without even realizing it till many years later. It set him on different path, a better path.

This biography is told in the spirit of Somerset Maugham’s classic The Razor’s Edge, albeit not nearly as well, so that you can see how a person changes over their lifetime and how the elements of the Near Death Experience are related to events in one’s life. So you can see how many times death was near him and how he didn’t realize it or just didn’t care; how he found the answers he was seeking and grew and evolved and came to know Jesus. Including:

*The Near Death Experience

*Why he was called GURU-Teacher; Tai Chi Sifu; Judo and Karate Sensei; Yoga Master

*The Early Years-A Kid from Brooklyn; The Guardian Angel; Sheepshead Bay; YMCA;

*Boy Scouts of America-Eagle Scout; Order of the Arrow; The Snakebite;

*High School-Cigarette Tree; More Bullies; Buffalo Knuckle Strike; Yoga Introduction

*In the Army Now-Field Artillery; Lifeguard; Charter Boat Captain; Channeling the Unknown

*Tai Chi Chuan-The Old Chinaman; Classes; Healing Arts; Martial Arts

*The Way, the Truth, and the Light-The Final Days

He said once that there was a gate-keeper before you were allowed to go into Heaven. One who would ask you a question, “What have you done to be worthy to enter here ?”

There is only one answer, “I was saved by the grace of Jesus.”

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